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When Your Best Bud Gets Married
September 9, 2016

Weddings, weddings, weddings! But one of these weddings was very special, simply because it was the marriage of my longtime friend, Nathan Daher! He's been highlighted on "The Blog" for years now, and we've been trying to find him a wife! As I already highlighted in a previous blog entry, we found him one in the personage of Hannah Braniger, now Hannah Daher! Praise God.

Here's the very first picture I ever put up of Nathan and I back in 2005 after he picked me up at the San Diego airport and we went out to dinner.

Hah! What a bunch of nerds (actually Nate, you're looking pretty stellar)! We were so cool!

Anyway, so on with the Blog!

Video Blog - August, 2016


And here we go ...

All the gang at the rehearsal! Got the Niednagels and Branigers and Thomases and Tulls and Tardos and Silrus'.

"This is a wedding. Please, act mature."

We interrupt Nathan's wedding to bring you an awesome photo Melanie took while staying with us.

The reception hall. They really made it gorgeous. Although, what did you expect me to say? They made it look like trash?

It's the big day, and Matthew has brought liquid caffeine!

Eating lunch together with random friends.

You can't really "beautify" someone who's already beautiful, so what do you call it? "Amazify."

Male bow tie bonding. Got some serious studs here.

Photos of those mothers and fathers before them.

Dang! I mean, hot diggidy dog! Somebody get that guy in a cologne commercial!

Matthew reads a genuine 1945 newspaper declaring the end of World War II. You just don't get more classy then this.

I say a prayer for Nathan before we head outside. "Please help Nathan not to screw this up."

Everyone is vintage 1940s. Abe is vintage 1860s.


More adorbs!

That's what you call double-beauty, eh Nate?

Cute couple.

Looking cute, Mom! Love it!

Just catching up with Philip! He's doing all right! We'll see you later!

Wow. Those are mine.

No words can describe this girl's glow and vibrance.

Four goobers on a couch.

I mean, shoot. This sophisticated masculinity is getting out of hand.

Put Abe and Mr. Braniger in a room and you're in for a hilarious time.

Anthony and Jessica!

Jamesy and Tim!

The Jeremy Niednagel Family! lol, Jade was brought by another stork.

Are these pictures redundant? Are you getting bored?

Bam! Anything but redundant! We're talking fresh, out-of-the-oven charisma!

The joyous bride! Compare her smile to Ma's earlier! See, Brain Typing's not so hard!

Mr. Daher, the father of the groom, along with his new wife Jan.

Mr. Niednagel, the father of all things awesome, along with his blue wife Melissa.

The ceremony begins, and Mr. Braniger walks Hannah down the aisle.

It was in an outdoor, barn-like structure. Praise God it was only in the mid 80s that August day!

The bridesmaids look on.

They're hitched! Sorry, no pictures of the kiss, but I can tell you that it was the best kiss ever witnessed in the history of mankind!

Pictures of the gang afterwards. This was fun.

These types of pictures are only awkward for the single people.

We are laughing.

Lovin' your face, Isaac!

Check out that hat at the top!

The fam. Why does it look like I have a belly? I don't' have a belly. Why does it look like I have one?

Some more Niednagels join in. Why does it still look like I have a belly? I hate suspenders.

More redundancy. Sorry, Melanie, nothing personal!

Jonas screams for joy! I mean real screaming!

I like this picture. You do too.

"Garsh, you're swell!"

"How u doin?"

Our hats off to you ... cause you just don't look as good as us.

"...and though they ain't never seen again, folks say they remained da best of friends."

lol, these are great.

The reception!

I give my toast. Have to admit it was a pretty good one.

At least the guys thought it was funny.

The choreographed dance. It's a good thing, cause Nathan can't dance worth beans.

Cuteness meter explosion! Marian handed the lady some money and was the first to dance with Uncle Nathan. Precious memory.

I think William had one too many

Instead of rice they had light sticks! This was really cool.

Have a wonderful life! Just remember sometimes it will resemble"It's A Wonderful Life!"

Back home, letting the Thomases crash our house again.

The boys love their Jonas brother!

And now the wedding of David Alger and Kelsey Zink! Yay!

Elliott escorts his sister, the bride.

And the smooch! That was quick! At least I didn't miss it for this wedding!

Wow. Didn't expect to see Joe rapping down the aisle.

Hank's back! Hadn't seen him for ... what, 3 years? No longer a little goober, Hank! Don't beat me up!

She will just be a little girl for a few moments. How I must treasure these moments.

Boat time! We're out on the lake again with our awesome noodles! Expand the picture to see my great smile!

Whoa, when did you boys grow up?

As Jonas gets older, he'll begin to resemble me. As I get older, I'll begin to resemble Jonas.

Stay classy, William.

This is Jeremy's feeler smile. Pretty pathetic.

Kalea contemplates life. By the way, when did you grow up?

Birthday party at the Christensen house! Thankfully no one stuck a lego in Jonas' mouth.

Soon they will be men (and women). For now, they're goobers.

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