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February Fun
March 11, 2016

We got back from our Florida trip just a few days ago, hence the delay! Anyway, how was your February? As good as a February could be, right? Since like, it's the worst month of the year usually? Nah, my wife was born in February, so it's like the best month.

Not too many pictures here but it beats a sharp stick in the eye! Enjoy!

Video Blog - February, 2016

And here we go ...

Ma's here again and porking out on our food.

Whoa, more ladies here porking out on our food! In truth, Melissa held an "IF Gathering" of ladies to watch the IF conference online, encouraging women to love God and live out His word, etc. Melissa said I was a great IF husband, to which I replied that I'm more of an AS IF husband.

Fun, encouraging time together. Emily, I was gonna edit this photo so the sunlight didn't make your head look half the size, but then I was like, "Nah."

Out to lunch with Nathan and Hannah Branigar! Yeah, they're an item. Goin' steady. Catching the same train. Floating the same boat. Diggin' the same ditch.

Nate's porkin' up. That was his 5th burger.

Bridal shower for Megan Andersland. I wasn't there. End of caption.

Emily carefully marks each gift into two categories ... "Keep" and "Sell on Ebay".

Isn't that cool? Looks like a medieval cross.

In St. Louis for a little dancing on the town! We're here with friends and family for Melissa's 30th birthday. Man she's old!

What a shot! Not sure why Ma's dancing with her purse.

Ma ignorantly leaves her purse at the table with these mobsters. Purse went 'capeesh'.

Josiah, Andrew, Rebekah, and Hannah, the best dancers on the floor. Check out the live band!

That's me! Dancing! I know I can't prove it since Ma's hand is right where my face is (thanks a lot Ma!), but it's true! I actually had a good little jig going for like 3-5 seconds.

Back at the Z's home, reading to the kids before heading out. Special picture.

Seriously, Philip almost NEVER doesn't have a smile. For you rookie Brain Typists, it's a "feeler" sign.

On the other hand, though the same BT, this little snooker is more sassy. Here she graces us with her, "Ok, I'll slightly grin for you."

Little Beano Niednagel is baking in the oven! No, we don't know the sex, I'm just using a commonly used generic name.

Hannah's outfit actually match her horse. And she says she randomly chose it.

Everybody laughing, having fun. This is what Melissa wanted to do for her birthday, so no complaining.

Pictures of myself rarely creep me out, but this one does.

Sorry, one more. Just too cute.

Old captions would say, "Our growing little family," but now it's, "Our growing yuge family."

"Would you please take our picture? Thanks! Love all the head space!"

This is where Melissa wanted to have dinner. Wives can be expensive.

Talk about a view!

The arch represents hitting 30, and then everything goes downhill. lol, so kidding. You're old enough to be respected, but young enough to still be a kid. You look 20, darling.

Very nice restaurant. Pa's looking 'hangry'.

Love the city lights in the background. Special time together.

Me and my man, Phil. And yeah, that was a really good pasta.

Sarah and Melanie in the hallway afterwards.

Elevator ceiling shot! Pretty cool!

Before leaving we spent the night and Michael and Bekah's new lovely home! Let the chaos begin!

I'd like to introduce you to the newest Thomas grand baby... Martin Peirce (no, I didn't spell it wrong). He's a cutie for sure.

And as is tradition, we stop at Whole Foods before the 4 hour drive home! Spoiled little brats.

That's it! Thanks for stopping by! Spring is here! I'm so exicted I wet my plants!