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January Stuff
February 5, 2016

Welcome back to the blog! Ok, so this month's blog entry may be pretty boring, but we're so glad you're here and we promise that ... well ... I don't really have any promises to make. We promise you'll see pictures of us. That's what we promise. Beats a sharp stick in the eye!

But hey, that's life, right? I love boring months! Three cheers for boring months!

Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - January, 2016

And here we go ...

Here we have Will Solo and Keoni Skywalker. In the back is Darth Jade and Jar Jar Phil (who kinda acts like him, actually). Thanks, Uncle Jer, for these cool sabers!

So for Christmas Danielle promised all the kids they could come over to spend the night the next time is snowed. If you look really, really closely, you can see snow. Some might argue that's actually just ice ... and they'd probably be right.

Fun coloring and crafts! Thanks, Danielle!

The longer you look at Marian's face the funnier it gets.

Oh, I love her hair!

Mac and cheese! No nutritional value whatsoever, but who cares!

So I'm heading to the office at 8:00 in the morning, and I find all the kids out playing in the freezing cold. For South Missouri children, this is a pathetic winter wonderland.

So adult coloring books are the rage this year. I think it's stupid.

White Elephant Party at the Davises! Look at all this great grub!

As you approach your mid 30s, you look at food and think, "Now, if I mix that stuff with this stuff, how will my stomach react to all the stuff?"

And the gifts are laid out, and the mayhem begins.

You know, there are two kinds of White Elephant Parties (or Yankee Swaps, as some northerners call them). The kind where the gifts are pretty good, and you can actually do something with them ... and the kind where you're just thankful you have kids to give your junk too.

Nervous anticipation. "Please don't be something lame!"

"Crayons and a coloring book!!! SWEET!!!!"

Kezia, Melissa, and Anna. It actually was a really fun night. Thanks for hosting!

Marian just wanted to show everyone her dolls. Daddy says she has too many (she has more than this), and if some start disappearing he had nothing to do with it.

Our good friend Danielle from Springfield came by for a visit! Here are some glamour shots with the kids. Lovin' the v-neck, Wills.

Man, cell phones have a way of making your kids look like celebrities.

No wait, they're still goobers. The turquoise crocks are just not working, Phil.

Fun at the Boyle's home! We're here to get princess pox! The Boye's children had chicken pox, so we came to purposely get them. I know, isn't that kind of demented?

No, we're not watching a beer documentary. We're watching the Patriot/Bronco game. Go Broncos!

Back home now with Will and Mandy. She's my brother's dog, and a very sweet one (as long as you don't leave your shoes outside).

Birthday time for Danielle! These fish wraps are amazing. Yeah, that's seaweed. Still amazing.

Niednagel table shot #74! Who knows what it will look like come #100!

We celebrate the life of a dear mother, wife, and dear sister-in-law.

Jeremy asked that I post another picture of him. Pretty vain.

Grandma takes the kids so we can go on a date! Thanks, grams!

Man I love dates with this woman.

Hadn't done a snob smile for awhile. That's close enough.

We each order a meal, and then split it. Little bit of everything!

Check out my ribs in the foreground. I've never ordered ribs and not been able to finish them. This would be the first time.

Happy 68th birthday, gramps! Just one pic from the party.

And like clockwork, 14 days later, the pox emerge. They hardly phased the kids! Marian had one hard day, but nothing terrible. You guys will thank us when you're older.

I told Philip he'd have red dots like this again as a teenager, complete with white heads.

This should be in some kids vogue magazine. "Making The Pox Hot."

Oh that once porcelain face! We still love you, squishy bear!

And that's it! Tell us which boring picture was your favorite! And instead of leaving comments on Facebook leave them here for saving! Thanks for stopping by!