It's A Wonderful Life
Dimitri Tiomkin


It's A Wonderful New Year
February 10, 2017

Happy New Year, everyone! Wow, 2017! The future! No flying cars yet! I think I pointed that out back in 2015. Man, life stinks.

Thanks for stopping by! If you couldn't make our "It's A Wonderful Life" party then below is the next best thing! Have fun!

Video Blog - January, 2017


And here we go ...

I would like to start off this blog with a picture of my adorable children. Aren't they precious? They're always happy and never do anything wrong. #blessed

Tis' a birthday! Which one is the lucky gal? (or unlucky!)

Table shot! Your favorite! It's Danielle's special day! Happy Birthday!

What an epic couple staring off into the middle distance so epically.

Meliss makes another epic birthday cake. What an epic night.

This is epic Jonas with his epic ball. Ok I'll stop with the epickness.

"The prince is giving a ball!" We're at Hammons Hall in Springfield with our good friend Danielle (no relation to the other Danielle) to see Roger and Hammerstein's "Cinderella"! Needless to say Marian's outfit got a few comments. I'm dressing up next year.

Wow, what a performance! The actors were dancing and singing non-stop. I only threw one tomato.

Marian saw this Cinderella/Elsa mixed gal and wanted to take a picture with her.

Then she saw this Gaston/Hercules mixed guy and wanted to take a picture with him.

Hey, get your hands off my daughter! Oh wait, that's me. So kissable.

Ok, so Marian literally sat for about 3 hours as Aunt Melanie kindly combed all the knots out of her hair. What's the occasion? You shall see. (BTW, Melanie, you look like you're enjoying this too much.)

Not the hairdo I would have chosen for you, hon, but you're still beautiful.

Uh oh, why are all these strange 1940s people at our house?

It's a wonderful life, everyone! Yes, after coming down with pink eye in late December, we had to postpone our party another month, but it was truly worth it! Bedford Falls is now open to the public!

I was going to lift her up like that but I didn't want to rip my trousers.

The guests are arriving! Hi Emma!

I'm trying to come up with a comment for this one. How about, "Ma being Ma."

Ladies in red. Hi, Rebekah!

Oh no, considering their high numbers, it's inevitable to have free masons attending your party.

Hannah! We love Hannah!

Oh my word. LIke a carbon copy!

"I like your suspenders." "Thanks." "I like your suspenders." "Thanks."

It's 2017 a month late! Happy belated new year! Now your resolutions will last longer!

These two are engaged. I think he was supposed to be wearing the mustache.

The marriageable dames. (don't be mad at me)

I took pity and let in this guttersnipe from the streets.

Having just come out of the Depression everyone was pretty hungry.

Mr. Berchard was only too vintage.

Ma and Pa Kettle.

Seriously, easy on the food.

Isaac Kenneth Branigar leads the crowd in "Buffalo Gals" from the movie! He also played a tune from his newly released album. Thank you, Isaac!

I think we need a bigger house.

Ever played "Running Pictionary"? Instead, this is "Running Charades". One person would get a word like "George Bailey" and have to act it out without saying words. Whoever guesses it has to run and get a new word until all of them are answered. There are two teams competing at once. This was really, really fun. Here Joel impersonates a tree.

Team 2. Motley group!

Time to dance the rest of the night away! (see video for live action)

I asked this hottie to dance with me, and she obliged.

When I got married I had never danced before. Now I can carry a beat at least, especially if it's Michael Jackson.

Joe and Abby. Looking fine!

Rebekah and Roman. What a great group of friends that night. (if this is getting too sappy than you can just leave.)

So like these two take lessons, and are slightly good. If I took lessons for like 40 years I would be really, really good.

Just can't get enough selfies, you know!?

The mirror doesn't reflect Matthew and Marscel. Matthew and Marscel reflect the mirror. Whatever that means.

I was surprised the floor didn't collapse that night.

Beautiful group of ladies. I think Melissa is wearing her 40s pajamas that aren't exactly 40s.

That's it! Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you enjoyed attending our party in real life or blog life! See you next month!