I Came To Love You
Alexander Rybak


Of June parties, filming, and more parties
July 13, 2016

Hey, Niedbloggers! Do you need your blog fix? No? Well I'm here to give it to you anyway!

But first, two people would like to share their engagement announcement. So without further delay ...

That's right! That little twerp Micaiah is getting hitched! He was just in diapers yesterday, and now he's ready to change diapers! The sweet, pretty, Godly girl he's marrying there is Taralyn Carlsen. They're pretty cute together, though I always keep a barf bag in hand just in case they get too lovey-dovey. Congratulations, you guys!

Video Blog - June, 2016


And here we go ...

Oh no! Why the nhoj is Nathan wearing a medieval costume again? We swore those days were over.

Yes, my friends! Your two favorite Hollywood icons, Kyle Shields and Brad Steele, are back at it! "What sheer madness could drive you guys to dress up again and film something," you ask? True love, of course! Nate and I filmed a short film for Hannah Branigar's bridal shower, just like I did for Melissa's back in the day with "Melissa Bonita." Hannah and Nathan are getting married next month! Yay!

Turn up the volume and sing along!



All right, back to reality here. We had Nathan over for just a couple days, and here we are preparing for the Branigar's dinner visit. lol, Nathan sliced his finger shortly after this picture was taken, and it was a bloody mess. But at least he's handsome, right?

Aren't they adorable? Nathan has found the love of his life, and they're so perfect for each other. "Find me a gorgeous, Godly ESFP," Nathan said, and by golly we did just that! :-)

Man, somebody pour a cold bucket of water on those two.

Oh hi, Sunshine. Glad to see you're still smiling like always.

And the Branigars are here! We've only known this family for several months now, but they already feel like family. So enjoyed having you all!

We dine outside.

Isaac, Joseph, and Mr. Branigar. Ok, he said I could call him Chris, so that's Chris on the right. He's just such an intimidating figure I feel like he's gonna beat me up for calling him that. ;-)

lol, this needs no caption.

We make the rounds.

As always, Melissa prepares an exquisite table arrangement. You have the touch, hon.

Hi, Lindsay! Danielle's sister was in town and was able to join us. So great seeing you again and your precious James.

The kiddie table.

The table was slightly off kilter, as was the umbrella, but if you notice they sorta even each other out.

Oh my goodness. They say love makes you feel younger. Nathan looks like he's 12.

Chris has the everyone rolling. Lindsay's thinking, "This guy's my same Brain Type?"

A little fun cruising around.

A few days later, and Marian's getting a manicure. It was either that or take a nap.

Seriously, I am the best father ever. Tip for all you parents ... want to distract your kids for a few hours? Flip a box, poke some eye holes, draw a face on it, and stick it over your son or daughter's head. This thing provided days of entertainment. I'm gonna start selling them on Ebay.

Why did I put a sign telling kids not to walk in the creek with a Peppa Pig picture on it?

And why is there a Peppa Pig table setting outside with banners and tea cups and various decorations?

In short, for months I've been begging my wife to have a Peppa Pig party for Marian and numerous little girls. Melissa finally gave in, and my dream came true.

YES!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!

Ok, maybe I'm lying a little bit. Melissa has been flirting with the idea for months, not being sure whether it was too close to baby-birthing time. But, her Left-brain Extraversion kicked in, and she decided to do it! Marian was only all-too happy!

I spent hours on these. Actually that's a lie too.

After a few hours or waiting only these cute twin babies showed up on a magic carpet. We decided to cancel.

Nope! They're here! As you can see, I'm pretty uncomfortable, so I just walked around pretending like I was helping out.

Hi, Abigail and Cybelle!


Cuteness everywhere.

We are so grateful for you, Marian! Even if you didn't have your beautiful, curly hair we'd still love you!

Time to plant flowers! Melissa had some creative activities for the girls.

Philip fights temptation. "How awesome would it be to throw all this dirt on everyone..."

Grandma Barbara helps out. Thanks, Mom!

Good job, girls! Thanks for stopping by for the food, Kalea!

And then there was painting.

"I wonder if I can drink this."

"A hint of Monet, though reflective of Cezanne."

All right, girls! Everyone choose their square foot of pool!

Oh man, thank you, Mr. Spillman, for accompanying me on this frightening female excursion! So great slurping popsicles with you and having some masculine conversation.

They're so content. What darling angels.

"Oh no. Is my mascara running?"

I tried to put some dirt down to create "muddy puddles," but this was no boy's party. The girls steered clear away from it.

Thanks for coming, everyone! Best day ever!!

Before leaving they gathered and watched a few episodes of Peppa Pig. Too cute.

Thus ends this month's Niednagel blog entry! No baby yet! Due any day now! Thank you for your prayers, and we'll see you next month!