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Fun Florida Frenzy
April 7, 2016

Welcome back, commenters and lurkers! We had a very merry March, and the majority of this blog post follows me and Melissa's (or is it Melissa and I's?) babymoon to Florida! Yeah, that's a trip you have before you have a baby. We came up with it. No, you can't use it. It's ours.

We had such a nice getaway, and it was very special. Besides the cell phone falling into Melissa's cup of milk and our rental car reservation made at the wrong airport, everything went rather smoothly!

Thanks for stopping by! You're a peach!

Video Blog - April 7, 2016


And here we go ...

Hello, Orlando! We've got our fancy little red rental and our first stop was Whole Foods. They had some really good sales going on that day. Milk for only $11.95 a gallon and eggs for $1.99 ... each!

The World Center Resort! This place was basically next door to Disney World, which would turn out to be very convenient later. Beautiful evening with a beautiful lady.

Eating a little foodies by the pool. We later found out they don't want you eating by the pool (so you order their overpriced meals instead), but we're hicks from Missouri who don't know how to read.

This pool should be big enough for me. Yeah, I think so.

Every night they had a cool laser light show with music. When they started it off playing Billy Jean I knew it had to be good.

It's the next morning and we'll just be vegging for the day.

A gigantic pool with waterfalls all to myself? Yes, please!

The sound of all these waterfalls ... I think I need to use the restroom.

We touch base with Mama Monica at home. Kids are alive and well, or so she says.

My winter-frozen white ozark body is about to be lobstered.

Good job, hon! You look like you know what you're doing!

You just can't be within 50 miles of a Cheesecake Factory without going there for dinner.

Honestly, they have too many options. This is just 2 of 10 pages. At least the view was nice.

This is my patented caesar salad hunk look. You should see my greek salad hunk look.

Commence stuffing.

I only ordered one, as Melissa insisted she would only have a few sips. I'm glad I didn't order two.

It's the next day and we've driven an hour and a half to Siesta Key! Beautiful day, as Melissa gathers seashells down by the seashore.

You know that Doctor Seuss story about the Star Bellied Sneetches? Melissa ... um ... let's just say she wished she had taken off her necklace the previous day.

Nikon selfie!

Brad Steele recommends Kombucha Dirt Water. It looks gross, and it even tastes gross too!

Sunset over Siesta Key.

Fish and chips. You know your wife is a planner when, before your trip, she researches which restaurants sell sweet potato fries.

Through the years, as the days pass by, I only learn to love you more and more.

That's pretty darn good for being preggo.

Niednagel dives for the catch! .... and misses!!!

C'mon, these are kinda cool.

Burnin' up!

My tribute to Michael Jackson. I forgot to bend the knees.

All right, back at the resort and another day of vegging.

Well, "vegging" is relative. Couldn't pass up this sweet slide!

Holy cow that was fun! You know when you get older you're kinda embarrassed to go on a slide too many times so people don't think you're weird? That doesn't happen to me.

You can't be within 50 miles of a Rainforest Cafe without going there for dinner.

A place of childhood memories. I grew up in California going to Rainforest Cafe.

The tiger perfectly matched Melissa's outfit. I still wouldn't buy it for her.

Great food, great artificial thunderstorms every 20 minutes, and great company.

So we get to the theater 30 minutes early at Downtown Disney to see Risen (great movie, go see it!). Another good title for the movie would have been Empty.

We're up early the next morning for a full and fun day at ...

Epcot! Their garden, flower-fest was going on that month, which was right up Melissa's alley.

... while not exactly up my alley ... or my entire neighborhood.

Inside the ball for Spaceship: Earth! I rode this thing back when I was like 5 years old!

Hahah! Melissa and I on the tv screens afterward! Hahah! Easily entertained.

Without her I would just wander around aimlessly.

Melissa Lee beautifully.

They had so much cool stuff growing. That's my detailed description for you.

"No, you listen to me! You tell Gates there's no deal until he puts down 80% ... Sorry Mom, someone just walked by."

So for those of you unfamiliar with Epcot (as I was), they have about 15 countries you can visit that look just like the actual place. So, here we are in merry England enjoying some traditional music. I was sorta disappointed they didn't make it truly vintage by clouding up the sky.

Can't get enough fish and chips! (actually you can)

I hash it out with a leafy Captain Hook. Peter Pan above cheers me on.

Beauty and the Beast. It's times like these you wish your kids were there ... and then you're like, "Nah!"

Morocco ... I think.


The motherland of Germany! With the name Niednagel I thought they'd give me free food or something ... punks.

At America ... in America ... as Americans.

They had this really great show in a beautiful theater about America's history. I was impressed. Although it was brief, they mentioned the pilgrim's Christian faith and said that, today, we're in danger of becoming too complacent in our wealth and prosperity. Good insight.

Anna and Elsa in Norway. Creepy.

Man ... yes!

I can't get my kids to smile, but these two did it on the spot. Proof that dolphins are more highly evolved than children.

Amazing tour of their gardens, showing all the latest technology in organic agriculture. You never would have seen this stuff only 10 years ago. Us health nuts are no longer considered fringe.

Visual tour of France! This was quite an amazing production.

Time to head out! Good seeing you again, ball. Whatever your name is.

The day before our departure we visited the beautiful Bok Gardens. I thought there would be a lot of chickens there, but there weren't any. If you didn't get the joke you're stupid.

Soak in the positive energy!

Warning: This is about to become a Melissa Soft Surroundings catalogue. Continue at your own risk.

Combine Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, and you get Melissa Niednagel.

I took this picture. It's copyrighted, and I will sue you.

Gorgeous adobe home surrounded by tropical foliage. Man I like Florida.

Oh c'mon, I could model for Salvation Army or something.

A creepy, tiny, murky little pond. Legend says disobedient servants would go for a "swim" and never come back.

I'm hugging a tree. I'm earthing.

There she blows ... Bok Tower.

You just stand there, and are like, "Wow."

A little history for you.

You can't be within 50 miles of a PF Changs without going there for dinner.

And we arrive home at the airport! Hello, kiddos! No beauty on earth can compare to family. Glad to see you're still alive, Ma!

It's someone's 34th birthday! Holy cow I'm old!

Birthday celebration! The famous (or infamous) Trey Warner came all the way from Utah just to attend my birthday party! That's actually not true but it's great to see you, Trey!

Novice Brain Type quiz. One is an ISTJ, and one is an ESTP. Guess which is which.

I'm known for notoriously posting "hb" on peoples' walls on their birthdays. When I received this birthday card in the mail from Michael and Rebekah Thomas last month, I was admittedly one-upped.

Time to prune the roses.

He's six years old. He's blonde. All he needs is a tiger!

We had the Isker family over for dinner. So great seeing you all!

It's someone 5th birthday! Mr. Smiley Pants!

It was a dual birthday party with Jade and Philip. So amazing watching our kids grow day by day.

And that's it! Be sure to say hello! Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful April! Wet your plants!