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May, Massachusetts, and Merriment
June 13, 2016

Hey, welcome back! I know I've been a little late on these blog entries, and I apologize! I try to get them posted near the beginning of each month, but that thing called "life" gets in the way and I fall behind. Anyway, so just shut up and be thankful. Sorry! That was mean!

All right, well, thanks for stopping by! Be sure to say hi at the end, lurkers! :-D

Video Blog - May, 2016

And here we go ...

We have the sweetest, happiest daughter ever! lol, just a random picture from this year's Baker Creek Seed Festival. I didn't go but I heard it was sorta fun.

4-some selfie! We went to Springfield to dinner and a movie with mom, and also to drop off Melissa for her trip to Massachusetts.

And they're off. For the next little while you'll see pictures of Melissa's trip with Marian and Marscel to New England. As I didn't go, there won't be any pictures of me, so you may just want to skip ahead.

Bye, Springfield.

Hello, Axbergs! That's some mane you got there, Mr. Axberg! Meanwhile, not sure what your hair is doing, Marscel.

Seeing Auntie Mandy. Sorry, that's Amanda Flynn. And Amanda, please don't comment and say you particularly liked this blog post but it had nothing to do with you in it.

Marian and Mia. That's so stinking cute.

Seeing where Mommy grew up.

Hi, Flynn family! Man you've all grown! Looks like Aidan is leading a women's Bible Study fellowship.

Marian playing dress up. This looks like a picture from the 1960s.

Visiting grandpa.

One more of Marian and Mia.

Day 1 - MIM Log (Mom In Massachusetts): The children are well fed, well clothed, and well behaved. Breakfast consisted of granola, lunch of sandwiches, and dinner of salad with french fries. No spankings recorded. SO (Scientific Observation): Space and time continuum slows by 25% when Mother isn't present.

MIM (Mom In Massachusetts) Day 3: Good day at church. Children are still well-dressed and well-behaved, though are confused, as the reality of Mom's absence takes effect. Breakfast consisted again of granola, lunch of whatever I threw on their plates while distracted talking with people, and dinner of cheese-puffs, soda, and cereal. Space and time continuum has slowed down from 25% to 33%. Dad is likewise confused, gastronomically, having lost 3 pounds. Personal Observation: Hugging pillow sucks compared to hugging wife.

MIM (Mom In Massachusetts) Day 5: Events have taken a sudden turn for the worse. William is half-dressed, while Philip remains in his pajamas. We subsist primarily on chips, fighting gastric spasms due to methane buildup. Children's behavior is erratic. Space and time continuum has halted completely. I do not believe we will survive to Day 8. Tell wife and daughter we love them.

MIM (Mom In Massachusetts) Day 8: Made the best decision of my life. Put William in charge, and with strict discipline he has turned everything around. Breakfast consisted of kale, eggs, and toast, lunch of turkey sandwiches, and dinner of grilled salmon with asparagus. No dessert allowed. William insisted we practice our selifes today. At any rate, we are ready for Mom. Please, please hurry home.

Awww .... my love is back home! So, so, so, so thankful. Here we are at Hammond's Hall to see the Beauty and the Beast musical. Loved it.

Uncle Matthew is here for a quick visit! What an incredible potential spouse for all you single ladies!

It's May, and that means our annual vacation to Branson for Uncle Jeremy's birthday! Just a few hilarious pictures of Marian here.

Oh my goodness ...

You just can't help but laugh.

Danielle and the birthday boy. Jeremy turned 40! Happy birthday, brother! At this age I can no longer make old person jokes, cause now it's true and offensive!

I like this picture, Mom. Love you.

A couple of us. I know you wanted to see them.

Sure, you can use this for your desktop wallpaper.

William opening a few gifts. New shoes from Uncle Jer!

We love birthdays.

Time to drop the kids and pick up the clubs! lol, sorry, that sounds bad, but it's Jer's birthday and we're out for a beautiful 18 holes of golf with our friend Sergio. No, that's not Sergio Garcia.

Beautiful day. It only gets ugly when you start hacking up the course.

Walk 18 holes? Yeah right! Jeremy's 40!

When you drop your club like that after a shot you know it's bad.

Back with the fam and we're off to see "Moses" at the Sight and Sound Theater. What an absolutely fantastic production!

Freak, we take up a whole row.

Inside our cabin. Remember how big it would feel as a kid?

Pool time! Little punks keep squirting me.

Philip loved racing his pregnant mother. Thankful she didn't go into labor.

Is she posing with 3 boys? Or 2 boys with a girl? Stayed tuned to find out next month!

Actually, I'm not sure I could handle another girl.

Actually, girls are just so awesome. Niednagels need more of them!

One for the ages. All the kiddos.

lol, these are great.

Marian and Julian are the best. :-)

Brad Steele tries to go incognito.

Ok, last one! I promise!

And for our final picture, here is a black snake we barely saw in our window as we were about to go to bed. Literally, Melissa was in bed, looked over, and asked, "What is that?" It had slipped through an open screen. Creepy!

And that's it! Don't be shy and say hello! Thanks for visiting! Our next blog entry will likely have pictures of the newest Niednagel! AHHHH!!!! STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!