You've Got A Friend In Me
Michael Buble


Fall With Friends
November 14, 2016

You all have a good October? The fall weather was kinda late, but it's finally cooled off and now feels very festive. We had like NO color this year! Most bland year ever. I think it just didn't get cold enough.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

Video Blog - October, 2016

And here we go ...

We have a rule the kids can't come in our bedroom till we come out. So I get up to go the bathroom and see this out the window.

Happy Birthday, Micah! Natalie had a little surprise party for her hubby, and we had a fun evening together eating and playing board games.

Oh yeah, and they all tagged along.

These frogs JUST lost their tails. Don't think I've ever seen them this small.

When I read about Egypt and the plague of frogs a months ago, Philip's eyes totally lit up. I was like, "No, you wouldn't have liked it. They were even in their beds." His eyes got even bigger. "I would love frogs in my bed!!!"

Dinner outside! Crazy cousins don't' deserve such exquisite dining accommodations.

Always nice to have the neighbors over. Gotta keep up good relations, you know?

Just wanted to post this picture of our sweet, tender, joyful little girl. lol! I call this one "Princess Pity Party."

Hey, Abby and Ma and Martin! Where are we?

Micaiah and Ben carrying a couch! Oh, that's right! This is Micaiah and Tarayln's long-awaited wedding reception at the Haguewood homestead! Yay!

Mrs. Haguewood, the ever-busy-bee servant on steroids. Thank you so much for all your preparation!

I just grabbed these flowers and walked around and people thought I was working.

So Ben tried it and nobody bought it.

Yeah, cute, whatever.

Not sure why Ma and Pa are sitting on Micaiah.

I guess Melissa and Matthew tried to smile like feeling Right brainers here. Not working!

Awww ... Emma and ... a baby I don't remember.

This was fun! It's called Gaga, and you put hay bails in a circle and beat each other up. No, actually, you have this ball and you try hitting the legs of the each other. Great for all the single guys who need to get their nervous energy out.

Hey, Will! So cool have these horse carriage rides. The Haguewoods really overdid themselves for Micaiah and Taralyn. I mean, to outdo yourselves for a couple like me and Melissa is one thing, but for Micaiah and Taralyn? Wow.

Joe found this kid living in the Haguewood's crawl space under the house, so decided to keep him.

By the end you're smiling cause your butt hurts.

Thank you for this beautiful day, Lord!

Aww... there they are! Married a few weeks and still smiling! I think they'll be smiling for a long time. :-)

Got the troughs filled and it's time to let the herds through!

I don't know why they got to go first.

Jonas, when you're older and looking at this, remember that you owe me.

Friends, food, laughs, love, relax, peace.

My wife in her element ... socializing.

It's evening, and time for a few friends and family to give their regards. Andrew, the natural orator.

Melanie, the natural ... I'll think of something positive later.

Mic and Tara smile and nod as people say nice things about them.

It's the next day, Sunday morning, and we are blessed to hear an outdoor sermon from David Comstock. "You think I got where I am today by dressing like Peter Pan here!?"

"This bearded guy can preach."

Pa was quite the site in his oversized rocking chair. Just needed a top hat.

Beautiful singing from the Branigar siblings.

Philip falls asleep with his head bent completely vertical.

Lydia and Melanie tend to over-exaggerate their emotions.

Awww ... hi Matthew and Olivia.

Good to see Marscel enjoying himself.

Lots of testosterone going on here with me and Mr. Branigar.

All right, we're back and blessed to have my mom's sister, Kathy, over for a visit! She and Beth flew out from California to celebrate my mother's 70th birthday.

My mom's 70th at Jer and Danni's house. So many wonderful ladies!

Happy Birthday, dear Mother. We love you so much. You're the youngest looking 70 year old I know, and that's not flattery.

Sisters, together again.

Four ENFJs together. You don't see that too often.

This was from a park day with some church friends. Just thought Marian looked cute next to the piggies.

It's October 31st! Time to get your dancing shoes on for the church Reformation Ball! Micaiah and Matthew and Melanie came down to join us. Oh! And our Jonas brother!

First, teaching time, when all the church singles daydream about who they'll be dancing with.

Hank's looking pretty hipster, while Matthew's looking pretty ... OshKosh B'gosh.

We're known for being pretty tame at CTK. No mosh pits.

Good job, Will! These dances can get pretty complicated.

Proud of his pumpkin.

So Jeremy and Danielle went on a quick trip to Arizona and we had his kids for a day. My face describes our time together pretty well.

Happy Halloween! Or, Happy Hallow's Eve! Time to go loot the neighbor's organic candy stash!

"Oh my gosh, Jordan." Yeah, that's me all right. I'm an Austin Crowe Wood Elf. Eat your heart out, Legolas.

Our future President is giving out free hand-outs! Didn't know he was so liberal!

Every family needs to dress up once a year with their kids and eat sweets. Nuthin pagan about that!

Even grandma dressed up.

So who did you vote for? At least they're still friends in the end!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next month!