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April 'Appenings
May 19. 2017

This 'better late than never' thing is getting a little out of hand! Sorry!

April was a good month, with traveling with friends and family and foes! I'll just let you guess who the foes were!

Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - April, 2017

And here we go ...

Yay! We're made it safely to Ma and Pa's house! This began our trip to Indianapolis to attend the Gospel Coalition conference with friends, which was AWESOME. Ma and Pa kindly watched 3 of our kids for about four days. When we got back they were still alive! Wow!

Aww ... cutest picture ever! Emma and Jonas. Emma seriously deserves the title of "Auntie" after how many times she's looked after Jonas now. Thank you!

With Marcus and Jen Schrader and family! Wow, what amazing hosts, especially since we ended up having some of the Thomases and Dischers and Emma join us at their house after the Thomases motel turned out to be a ghetto drive by nightmare. Thank you! Pretty sweet pad!

Jenna gives us a personal violin concert.

Out for a walk in Indianapolis. Had never been there before. Pretty nice town compared to Tijuana. That strange lady next to me kept asking for money to buy a new pair of jeans.

Hey we go pretty good together.

Matthew and Markie try to hold a conversation while those two goofballs behind them won't shut up.

We finally let that strange lady hold our baby. I later realized it was Taralyn!

You hold me, and I'll hold you, till life is through.

Marscel looks for dead bodies.

We're 99% sure Jonas is an INFP like daddy. This picture makes him especially look "elfish" like I did as a baby.

Now I look ... dwarfish.

Night is falling and it's time for dinner in the big city!

Micaiah made a 1% down-payment on this car. He was gonna put 2% down but he would have been in major debt.

Fancy restaurant! Fancy friends! Good times!

Eating lunch at the conference with Hannah during a break. We call this our "Feeling Funnel."

Me and Micaiah are totally confused.

The ladies.

HOLY COW! Who should walk up to me during the conference but my great friend Jon Drake! King Kardia from Book of Being! C'mon, you know Jon! Look at the blog archives! So great seeing you again, buddy!

We now return to the Niednagel household and find ourselves eating mushrooms we found on the property! Holy cow these were good! I'm literally salivating as I write this! Gross! I know!

Awww ... the new married couple, Sam and Emmaline!

Isn't marriage great? I mean how boring would this blog be if I wasn't married?

That evening we stayed at the Lucas'. They have a nice property with a concrete driveway. Yeah, we hicks go crazy out here when someone has a paved driveway.

Sunday morning photos. You don't want to see what they looked like by the end of the day.

Our normal family. We are so normal. Totally, totally normal.

Just a random photo. I love this one.

"Wait, where did these curls come from?"

She's too much. Really, she's too much.

Had Uncle David and Aunt Judy stop by for another visit! Always love being together!

Good conversation. Many, many years together to reminisce about.

Jump ahead in time and we're with some of the Thomases at a park in Springfield! Beautiful day. I look pretty cool there. You know I do.

Melissa climbs the jungle gym. You're especially nervous when your wife is a Left brainer.

Meanwhile, this Left brainer takes care of business even during leisure. He's probably playing Pokemon Go.

So we stumble upon that lady with the ripped jeans from Indianapolis again! lol, this picture is great. Marian looks very concerned.

Uncle Micaiah teaches Marian how to long board. She would later go home with a scraped knee.

Jump ahead to a shower for Samara Alger. Looks more like an outdoor daycare.

Blessed to have the Cochran family from Oklahoma for a few days! We got 15 inches of rain during their stay. It was INSANE.

Philip finds a turtle. On to the next picture.

That's the road going to our house. Completely covered. They say it was the 100 year rain. Let's hope so. Glad to see Ma is thoroughly enjoying herself at our expense.

Forging the river home. Mr. Cochran was kind to make sure I didn't fall in with Jonas.

And that's it! Thanks for stopping by!