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An Awesome August
September 21, 2017

Welcome to the nuttiest blog on the Internet! If you're in for a really good time, or just severely bored, you found the right place! Hope your August was grand!

Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - August, 2017

And here we go ...

Emma, who is currently attending cosmetology school, gives me a free haircut. I don't know if it was meant to be free, but I didn't pay. Thanks so much, Emma!

Melissa makes some delicious fish tacos.

Marscel and Meliss could pass for Spanish, Italian, Greek, or Middle Eastern, but they're Portuguese. Don't hold it against them.

Grandma and Philip. I like this picture.

Jonas is the definition of cool. After all, he's INFP, and everyone knows how cool we are!

At Pa and Ma's for a few days in St. Louis! Jonas helps Aunt Melanie make granola by taste-testing it every 30 seconds.

Pa successfully signs a business contract with Marian, spokeswoman for SeaSnax.

Ma exposes Jonas to harmful cell radiation.

"So what are you doing all dressed up and standing on your porch?"

"And why are you walking with two pretty ladies down some swank city street?"

Well, to fulfill a dream of my wife, we drove up again to St. Louis to see a group play that has been a longtime favorite of the Thomases. Admittedly, I've loved them for awhile too.

Behold, the Cathedral Basilica, where we are to hear Libera, the world-renown boys choir!

Rebekah Z. and Melanie embrace, while Melanie's bodyguard keeps a close eye for weapons.

William Locksley tagged along, as I mentioned, to bodyguard basically everybody. Either that or just to look cool.

And Kalea came! Yay! So great to have you! I know you're reading this, Kalea! Hi! See ya later! Bye!

Cathedrals really do wonders for my complexion.

We all hug, talk, hug, talk, and hug.

Micaiah kept looking at my sweet watch, so I just took it off and gave it to him.

The lovely event coordinator. Man you don't get prettier than that.

You walk inside and are like, "Wow, I think I need to go the bathroom."

Libera sings like we're in heaven. Tears came to our eyes when they performed Sanctus, their version of Canon In D which we played at our wedding when Melissa walked down the aisle.

Ice cream afterwards! Hi Hannah! Hi Andrew! You're all so classy I can hardly stand it!

"Classy" isn't necessarily the word I think of for Micaiah and Taralyn. More like "Random".

The biggest pawn piece William has ever beheld.

Almost time to go, but one last mow with Pa ... and Jonas falls asleep. So stinking cute!

Back home, and just a random picture of Philip about to eat some pancakes.

"Lodge 114? Where are you now?" You'll see.

I never wanted to grow up, and I still have to force myself to "adult" in a world of adults. God wouldn't let me go back, but He decided to grant me the gift of this little guy so I could watch myself grow up again. I love you, Jone Jone.

Yes, we're back in Branson! Jeremy complained about our accommodations last time we were here in the spring, so they gave us a free night! How's that for awesome!? So I complained about the hard wooden chairs and they gave us another 5 free nights! Just kidding!

Out for a walk on a beautiful evening.

Kinda grainy, but I wanted a picture with my dear mother.

Bed time is like herding cattle into a pen, only herding cattle would be a ton easier.

Aww! Love it with Jonas puts his head on your chest.

And as tradition it's time to golf! And as tradition it's time for me to suck at it!

Meanwhile, the kids enjoy the pool.

Back for dinner after a wonderful day and Danielle prepares another incredible meal.

Yeah, we like our fish tacos. You just can't go wrong (actually with fish tacos you can, but we rarely do).

Even though I lose to Jeremy every single round of golf, my wife still loves me.

A parent's nightmare ... watching 5 year olds fly down a steep hill on skateboards.

Do we run a daycare? I was about to say no ... but yes, yes we do run a daycare, and a nightcare.

One more swim before we go! Cutest cousins ever.

Awww ... precious.

Awww!!! PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'll give Marian one glamour shot.

And we end the blog with one last picture I took with Melanie when she brought her telescope and we photographed the moon through her telescope using her cell phone. So neat! You could see so much detail, from the craters to the shadows inside the craters. A flat earther's nightmare! :-)

That's it! Thanks for stopping by and have a great beginning of Autumn! Yay!