Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Bing Crosby


A Crummy, Wonderful Christmas
January 7, 2013

Yes, friends, the long held Niednagel.com tradition returns to you yet again, with that nostalgic, heart-warming Christmas tree to the right there, twinkling with such holiday spirit, and me up there as a weirdo bachelor. Wow times have changed! (except the weirdo part)

Did you all have a great Christmas? Ours was kinda crummy, with some of us sick with coughs and fevers. Still, the whole season was great, as you'll see from the pictures. Thanks for stopping by! You're too kind!

And here we go ...

Awww ... time to trim the tree! Wait, what does that even mean? Does that mean decorate the tree? I've never understood that phrase. How dumb.

lol, our tree was so heavy I had to hold it upright with a ton of books.

One of our secrets to efficient parenting is feeding our children and pets at the same time.

That is what you call an elf.

What a wonderful time with the Davis family and Meredith and Yumi! Great smile, Philip!

The wonders of childhood Christmas brings.

Hey princess! Why are you all decked out?

Marian celebrated her 5th birthday by inviting some friends for a tea outing thing!

Why are little girls so stinking cute?

Grown-up girls are pretty cute too.

Time to celebrate Marian's b-day again with the local neighbors! They're the only ones around, so one can't be too choosy.

I just wished she had a bigger flower to put in her hair.

When your birthday is around Christmas you just know everyone's really looking forward to something else.

Deer cookies! Or zombie cookies. Can't tell which.

That would be us. You might think we were endorsing Santa Claus.

Time to eat the cookies at Uncle Jer's house! Not too bad!

Oh no, it's those goobers again ready to sing Christmas carols to us.

Literally every other girl was dressed in red. Hey, I don't dress our family.

And yet again this year there's Philip pretending to read the music.

The Cook family singers. Man, they were really good!

And all the young guys' legs continue to get longer. Mine stopped at 15.

Each one's face represents their personality exactly.

We take the conservative home school movement by storm by giving our 1-year old a man bun!

And here we are all happy on Christmas Eve! Hi Marscel! You look happy! Little did everyone know the black fever coughing plague was ready to strike in just a few days!

I look good as a backdrop to my wife.

More chaos ensues downstairs as a select few special presents are opened.

Awww ... the two sisters! We can say that now!

On Christmas day William had a fever. The other two were all right, despite Philip looking like death warmed over.

And this was a whole week later! No one was well enough to get together to open gifts for cousins till January 1st! This might be the start of a cool tradition!

I'd like to wish everyone a safe and happy new year. I'd also like to ask someone to take these dumb Christmas lights off me.

And that's it! Thanks for stopping by! Lord bless you in 2018!