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Family February
March 15, 2017

Hey everyone! February was a relatively uneventful month, which is the kind I like! Unfortunately that doens't usually make good blog material, so this is a much shorter post. Oh well! You get what you pay for! (nothing!)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Spring!

Video Blog - February, 2017

And here we go ...

Yay! This February has felt like April! Let's go outside for a picnic and eat random foods that will later give us diarrhea!

Jonas here looks like Jason Bourne. Or, Jonas Just Been Born.

Quick! What do me and a Q-Ball have in common!?

Grandma draws William posing with a bow.

Not bad.

You talk about a comfort dog. I accidentally left a blanket on the coffee table and Mandy made a bed out of it. That actually looks really uncomfortable.

It's someone's 31st birthday! Whoops! Not sure I should have said that!

Celebrating at a park in Ava! I look like one of those bored celebrities in New York pushing their kid on a swing.

Why are little girls so stinking cute?

Little boys are pretty cute, too. Just a little more work.

Out again on a warm February day to Rock Bridge Trout Ranch! We're talking about real trout, not women with too many face-lifts

Philip, with bated breath, attempts an illegal move.

I'm too much like her ... which really is a back-handed compliment of myself. Oh well.

Time to pose and look at the ceiling!

I said look at the ceiling!!!

Stuffing our faces with carbs. I love breakfast.

It's that cute 31-year old again! Whoops!

Ahh! She's back!!!

Melissa held her second annual IF gathering with the ladies. I affectionately ally call it "As If."

Thanks for coming, everyone!

William's awesome Egyptian hieroglyphics. Either that or complete chaos.

Spring is upon us! Get out there and plant your crops! And then come summer watch your crops get eaten by bugs! It's the best!!!

Have a great month, everyone!
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