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Fourth of July Fun
August 23. 2017

Hey everybody! How was your 4th of July? Ours was pretty patriotic, as you'll see. You know how much I love dressing up in heavy, thick costumes on 90 degree days. Yeah

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Video Blog - July, 2017

And here we go ...

Aunt Rita, Mama Monica, and Ms. Lauren! Such happy people with happy faces!

We're in St. Louis at Ma and Pa's to celebrate the 4th! I think I got a worm in this peach.

Combine Pa's face with Marian's and you get Philip's.

Our for fireworks!

Kablaam. Kablooie. Whatever.

We're now in Old St. Charles enjoying a day on the town.

Recreating the Beatles signature cover album.

The Z's join us in 18th century attire.

Found this old photograph of my great, great, great grandfather as a boy. Looked a lot like William.

Awww ... thank you, Lauren! And no, you don't look exactly like Little Miss Muffet.

The dress, the background, the white picket fence ... pretty vintage.

Now look at mother and smile! I said smile!!!

Hunky Hamilton hubby is too hottie (duh, cause it's 90 out).

Sure, the Niednagels are German, but we ain't no hired Hessians.

I just wished Marian would smile with more enthusiasm.

I'm not letting go of this Lady of Liberty... ever!

Fun with Auntie. I don't know if it's Marian's curly hair or what, but sometimes she does remind me of Melanie. Kinda scary.

This poor colonial family had their house ransacked by the British. Still smiling.

Emma and Jonas.

Micaiah missed the memo and dressed up like a pirate.

Matthew delivers a short speech.

Those in attendance.

Rumor has it the affluent Ms. Hannah is looking to purchase all of Pemberly from the Darcy's.

Michael always did get in my face. Glad I'm not the only one.

Andrew is always right, and always Wong.

Those who dressed up got to be in the picture. The other losers didn't.

My dainty wife plays a game of ... what do you call it? "Bags Full Of Beans Tossing."

Oh dear! I've struck a poor old man! I hope he at least is grateful for the beans!"

Micaiah and Abby. What a pathetic sword.

Pa leads the youngins in some 18th century military drills.

William and Philip are prepared to die for their country ... or at least wear hot costumes for it.

Handsome Henry.

"So again, about me ..."

Our angel who flew down from heaven and lost his wings ... and found a bead necklace.

Mr. Z is looking pretty vintage. I like Mr. H smiling in the back.

David Comstock brings a powerful message.

Micaiah and I got in a heated argument, and decided we would settle it with a duel. He with his pistol, and me with my ... bean bag.

All right, on with a random picture with my brother Jeremy when I was a 1 year old!

Little Jonas around the same age (and the same outfit), with Philip being nearly the same age.

One final random picture of Meliss with a pretty fruit bowl. Man that looks good right now.

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