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A Jam-Packed June
July 20. 2017

Welcome back to "The Blog"! June was as full as a tick on a pig! Eww!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're enjoying the heat as much as we are!

Video Blog - June 20, 2017

And here we go ...

What? Where are we? What kind of chaos is this?

We're camping with the Thomases, of course! My (least) favorite thing to do!
Yet, as you can see, if I camp, I want my space, like 3 rooms of space. Two for me, and one for the wife and kids.

Ever see "The Great British Baking Show"? Ma tells the kids to bake something, and they have like 5 minutes to form it with their Play-Doh. Pretty creative.

Yay! A big blue wet thing! Now this makes camping worth it!

Marian may be our earliest swimmer at 4 years old. She may also be our cutest swimmer.

Throwing frisbee with Pa. Don't I look like some professional Norwegian frisbee player? Don't I?

It was a full evening, and the kids have crashed. Wish I could do that. I just lay awake listening to the bears and mountain lions in the woods.

Marscel! So glad you could join us!

Micaiah doesn't dress in any particular style. Whatever he puts on becomes style.

Taralynn! You're so hipster rad!

William reads to us from the Psalms.

Mathew fixes his hair.

I've had enough of in-laws! Let's get away from here and go canoeing!

Oh no! The psycho crazies are following us!

Ahh! They found us! Row!!!

Commence paddle water fight!

All right, back on the beach now enjoying some vedge time.

Little stinker buns is supposed to be sleeping. "Ain't happening, Dad."

All right, now we're back home and have the cousins from Taiwan over for a few days!

Melissa made this incredible blueberry dessert. When I was done I looked like Violet Beauregarde from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.

Time to go boating out on the lake!

I call this, "Hicks with Noodles."

Awww ... Aunt July holds Jony.

Awww ... Koni is so adorbs.

Emily joined us! All the kids love their babysitter!

Delicious burgers. Today is a good day.

Two INFPs in a pod. I just so love Jonas' face here.

We had two pontoon boats, and we tied them together so they wouldn't separate from each other. Problem was, a storm was moving in, and we couldn't untie them! Ah!!!

It rained pretty hard on us, but we got back in time and it was exhilarating!

They're like ... second cousins once removed? I can't remember the official relationship title. We'll call them friends-in-law.

Out with the old company and in with the new! We had the Einwechters stay with us for a night! So great having you!

Then we had Sean Spears over, aka Cody Johnson! If you look at my really old blog posts you'll see the good ol' days with Cody and I. Wow, man, we're dads now. Here's to being faithful fathers, my friend!

Serious, when it comes to frogs, Philip is unparalleled. I should start a YouTube channel called, "The Frog Whisperer."

We're dressed up and it's time to dance!

Our church's annual ball and conference.

A cameo for the Langenbergs! Go on! You deserve it!

We jump ahead to a short visit at a park in Springfield with some friends, like Abby! You girls are just something else! I mean it! Something else!

Ok, now this is totally separate. We're at the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis for music and feasting. "Man, Jordan, you guys get around." Yeah, tell me about it. I think it has something to do with that pretty, extraverted girl on the left wearing the snazzy hat.

They had some awesome tree houses. Check out that "log slide."

Micaiah again! The man who defines fashion itself!

We just love these gardens. Makes you want to jump off expensive man-made ponds.

More cuteness, primarily in the middle and somewhat on the left with just a tad on the right. :-)

Water fountains galore.

Matthew and Melissa break out in some 40s dancing.

Picnic together with Thomases, Wongs, and Z's! A conglomerate of edible chaos!

"Listen, Micaiah, I didn't ask you for your fashion advice."

Back at the boy's apartment for some more eating and talking till midnight. Yeah, it was my idea.

That's it! Thanks for stopping by!
Happy hot summer to you all!