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Many Things In March
April 21. 2017

Talk about a late blog! Sorry!

But everything is still relevant, right? I mean, we actually still did the things we did, even if we report about it later! Still as exciting and exhilerating! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Spring!

Video Blog - March, 2017

And here we go ...

What? 35 years old? Just yesterday I was 20! I'm not an adult!!! I refuse to adult!!!

Diggin' this birthday dessert. Now leave me alone.

Awww ... my mini-me. Jonus appears to be INFP like yours truly, but we'll keep you posted. For now, his interests are sucking on rocks and pooping in his diaper.

Hey kid, where are you going with that cool lego backpack?

To Lego Land, Florida, of course! Talk about a random trip! To make a good memory that will last for the ages, I flew with the boys to Florida for a quick 3 day trip to Lego Land. What an insane whirlwind!

They actually liked the hotel as much as the them park itself! Could have just stayed there and saved me a lot of money, you little punks!

Philip builds legos in the hotel lobby. All I could see was a disease-infested bin of plastic.

In our room! Can't get any more cheesy than this! lol, it actually was very well-done. Didn't feel icky or chincy.

It's the next day and we're here! Thank you, Lord, for perfect weather! Now let's go crazy!

lol, this cool castle ride was kinda hidden ... and Philip didn't know it was a roller coaster! Get ready to puke, my boy!

I think this was more his style. Didn't you always want to ride your lego horse growing up? No? Well you're dumb.

Kinda creepy. At any rate, they day we went there just happened to be my 35th birthday. Let me tell you, there was nothing I'd rather do than be at Lego Land for my 35th birthday. *cough cough*

The stuff of nightmares ...

Back at the hotel, and they had this great pool for the kids full of floating lego pieces.

One of those pictures you look back on and say, "Boy, I really feel sorry for those guys in costume."

Got our orange juices and it's time to go home! Definitely a trip we won't forget!

The next day we had dinner at the Discher's along with a few Thomases. Here I'm taking any requests ... as long as they're Yanni songs or Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Rose and Markie serenade us.

What!? We get back from sunny Florida to this!!! AHHH!!!!

Have to admit it was gorgeous. It was a wet snow that stuck to everything, making the world a shimmering white.

Our home lies hidden within the Narnian forest.

A wedding shower for Anna Royer my wife attended. Ladies, gifts, you get the point.

Here's another picture in case you didn't get the point.

A little basketball after church on Sunday. Yeah, I'm wearing socks. Yeah, it didn't help.

Time to visit Ma and Pa's new home in St. Louis! Oh my goodness, what a cute place. Here we have Melissa helping Pa prune his plants and trees.

Marian feeds the neighbor's horses. Glad they didn't mistaken her curly hair for hay.

Philip means "lover of horses."

Thar she blows! It's on about 3 acres of land and has lots of fruit trees. A mowing nightmare.

I don't think they got much done.

Pardon me for a glamour shot of my daughter.

Uncle Matthew's here! Let's kill him!

So why am I wearing a shamrock necklace? Take a wild guess, nhoj heads.



Yep! It's St. Patrick's Day! Hi, Taralynn!

Always eventful around the table! If you want to be heard you have to stand up and scream.

My dear baked a cake. It was slightly tasty.

Awww ... look at our family. We look so normal.

Whoa! Little girl overload!

Joe Cook is getting married! So, we drove from St. Louis to the wedding in Springfield that evening. I was a zombie, though I don't think anyone noticed due to my already relaxed and regular slightly psychotic behavior.

There's my flower girl.

Joe eyes his bride as the big moment has arrived. Don't blow it.

Aww ... we love the Boyle family.

The flower girls again. Bet you didn't have more than this at your wedding.

Joe and Anna.

A kiss is stolen amidst the setting sun.

Time to go home. I take this last snap shot before collapsing in the car.

Back home now and Jeremy and his family are back from their trip! Time to play some hockey!

Philip really missed his best bud Jade, who was gone for over a month. Good times.

And that's it! Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully the next entry won't be too long from now! Lord bless!