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Merry May Merriment
June 20. 2017

Hi, ya'll! Thanks for stopping by! This month's blog entry is absolutely incredible, simply because it's us! Right!? I mean, aren't we great entertainment? Right? Hello? Anybody there!?

Have fun!

Video Blog - May, 2017

And here we go ...

Pa and Ma stop by for a visit! All the neighbors run!

Just a random picture ... lying in the grass ... enjoying the day. If everyday were like this I wouldn't complain. Does that make me boring?

Our two newest family members ... Charming and Snow. I wish we had gone with my original idea, Charming and Charcoal.

It's really cute until poop drips down your face.

Lion tamer ... polar bear wrestler ... parakeet holder ...

We now randomly jump to our annual trip to Branson for Jeremy's birthday! On the way we stopped by a creation museum that the Ford boys work at. We loved it!

At first the kids stood behind Adam and Eve ... but it just appeared indecent.

Awesome rocks.

Fun at the playground! I think Jade enjoyed doing this a little too much.

I blinked, and now she's a woman.

And the years go by ...

Jeremy burns down our condo.

Best game ever! Roll your Play Doh into a ball and race it down the gutter! My childhood seems incomplete without having played this game.

Dinner time! Pray the balcony doesn't collapse!

Pool time!

Creek time!

Goober time!

Jonas loves water, just like his Dad.

Country life at its best.

"Does this diaper make my butt look big?"

I had a terrible round of golf today, but I've got some terribly good food and I'm geewwwd!

The birthday boys ... Jeremy's the 13th and William's the 15th.

As always, my wife outdid herself on the cake.

He can't tie his shoes, but by golly can he play chess! We had a tournament and Jade won! Congratulations, little genius!

My childhood is now complete. I officially played the Play Doh Gutter Game.

Out for a walk on a beautiful day!

Uncle and nephew. Jer says it's like holding me as a baby.

Yeah, we got this Dad thing down pat.

One more sweet, smiley, happy picture.

Charming and Charcoal again ... I mean Snow.

A blog entry without a wedding!? Cha right! Here we have Josh and Samara Royer! Congratulations, you two!

Amazing how they can take a drab basketball court and change it into a beautiful reception hall.

Ok, she's not a woman just yet. Still a little goober girl.

Hey, it's the semi-normal Niednagels.

We call him "Joney" or "Jone Jone."

My wife grows beautiful flowers. Have to brag.

We had the Carlsens over for a few days! So great seeing you all!

Blueberry picking is back again! So awesome having kids for slave labor.

Good job, guys! Course, mom and I picked 6 of those. We still love you!

And that's it! Thanks for stopping by!
Happy summer! Say hi, you lurkers!