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Melody Gardot


Of Proposals and Thanksgiving
January 2, 2018

Wow! You talk about late! I think one of my New Years resolutions is to be on time! But I don't want to make it cause I'll probably break it! Anyway, we got some lovey dovey stuff on here and then a great Thanksgiving time with the Thomases!

Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - November, 2017

And here we go ...

This is a creative picture of our kids. Admit it or leave. Ok, don't leave please.

Out for walkies! Nothing like having a stroller that matches your tank top!

Ms. Lori and little Kiri! That baby seriously never cries. It looks intelligently at you as if to say, "Get me out of this body and onto real life."

Sister picture.

We had cousin Trinity out from California for a week! What a wonderful time!

All the kids adored her. Tears when it was time to say goodbye.

And we jump ahead to find Nathan and Hannah Daher at Top of the Rock in Branson! This was awesome. We went on a triple date that turned out to be quite the memorable night.

Marscel and Emma. So ... stinking ... cute.

My wife and ... Marscel!? Where the heck am I?

No, that's not Marscel teaching Emma how to surf ... that boy is PROPOSING!!! AWW!!!!!

We all left the room and Nathan and I snuck back in the church for a few pictures. Wow, that was a tear-jerker! Way to go, Marscel! Congratulations for catching such an amazing gal!

"I DID IT!!!!"

Special moments we all will look back upon.

Top of the Rock is gorgeous any time of year. They had all their Christmas lights up and it was beautiful.

And we eat together for a special, quiet, romantic dinner. No kids. Did I mention it was quiet?

Back home and Nathan and Hannah spent the night at our place. Jonas was cute and just sat on Hannah like that for 15 minutes.

Nathan gets schooled by an 8-year old.

Hey, we're at Pa's house in St. Louis looking at rocks!

We're blowing up balloons and drawing turkey faces on them!

Risking life and limb for a 4-man mower ride with Pa!

Because we can't just take a regular picture.

This game is called, "Find The German."

You've heard of husband sympathy pains, but Micaiah takes it to a whole new level.

Hi, Flynn girls! My goodness how they've all grown up! Here everyone is trying to guess how many nuts are in the jar.

Hey, that's a decent family picture. I'll take it.

Jeff finds some random kid from behind the dresser.

The Flynns and Thomases go way back. I think they first met back in 1990!

The left side of the Thanksgiving table is relatively normal.

The right side is relatively psychotic.

Me and the boys.

What a great Thanksgiving. Ma and Pa have a very cozy home full of laughter and love.

The radiant light makes us all look so perfect. lol, if only people knew! ;-)

And the winner of the nut counting contest is ... Marscel and Melissa! Yeah, they both just HAPPENED to guess the same number (like 116 or something), and were just one or two off . Craziness! Rigged, I tell you!

A little archery contest.

Love the adorbs reaction. :-)

"So does it suck being fat?"

Micaiah just has this talent for awkwardness.

A little balloon shooting with the BB gun.

As usual, my wife out-does herself with the desserts.

That's it! The next blog entry won't be too far from now considering it's already January! Happy New Year, everyone!