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All Things October
November 22, 2017

October was a full month! How was yours? So much to be thankful for as we approach Thanksgiving. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Hope it's not too boring!

Video Blog - October, 2017

And here we go ...

It's warm enough for a boat ride with friends! Gotta get some color before I become a white winter blanket.

I like the look on the boat-renters' faces when they see how many kids we bring. "Ok so that will be 6 adults and ... uhhh ... 11 ... *swallow* ... children ..."

Absolutely no eating rules. Just shove it in your face, children!

The friends I mentioned were Jonathan and Ally Stevens from California. We went to church together growing up and hadn't seen each other in years!

I like to joke that we have 3 children and an elf.

"My name is Marian and I endorse this pink drinking product."

Kalea's become quite the photographer. Thinking I should hire her to become the official Niednagel Blog photographer.

Jonas and Grandma. I like this picture.

Back home now for some dinner! Thanks so much for coming out, guys!

What? We're at Pa and Ma's again? Aren't they sick of us? Probably.

Michael's smoking a pipe. This must be a grand occasion.

Noah's here. This occasion must be very extraordinary.

I'm holding Jonas with a rubber sword. This occasion must be ... umm ... actually, this picture really has nothing to do with describing the occasion. I'll move on.

It's Micaiah and Taralyn's baby shower! Yay! Soon there's going to be a little Baggins! The shower was Hobbit themed, put on by my wife, of course.

Look at all the nice people! I love nice people! They're so much better than mean people!

They both could be models.

One could be a model. The other could be a janitor or something.

Here we see Micaiah Thomas engaging his voluntary facial Zygomaticus major muscles. Essentially, this means his smile is purposely being forced in order to display a look of gratitude and happiness for something that he does not feel grateful or happy for.

Here again we see Micaiah engaging the Zygomaticus major muscles. By this time one usually finds it difficult to talk due to the fatigue and strain induced by overuse.

At last, Micaiah is now able to engage his Orbicularis oculi muscles, the result of genuine elation due to hugging his niece and wife.

Evening falls, and the magic of Middle Earth is felt.

I made a "LOTR themed" slide show for the Thomas and Carlsen families. It was pretty good I guess.

All right, we jump ahead to a barn dance in Branson! Matthew, Melanie, and Andrew.

Lots of people. Couldn't hear much.

Tony Tull, Joshua Bramer, and Brad Steele ... I mean Jordan NIednagel.

Time for a little outside dinner for our Auntie Beth who's in town! Or in forest, rather!

One day, William will be 21 and Marian 17, and they'll take a picture just like this.

Aww ... I wuv her.

HI Auntie Beth! So wonderful seeing you again! You're so brave to travel to the Ozarks!

Evening falls at Locksley Manor.

After a hearty meal, what better activity to engage in than a competitive game of soccer! Let's see who pukes first!

William tries his famous cross-over kick, a trick he learned from Pele.

Time for dessert.

There's just something about candles and lights and being together outside at night.

Sweet sisters forever. Gotta keep this California girl warm!

Folks, we'd like to introduce you to the 9th Niednagel grandchild. This is Kiri Noella (spelling of the middle name I'm not sure about). Yes, it's a girl! Finally, another girl!!! Yay!!!

She's precious, and very calm. Strange considering how active she was in the womb, according to Danielle!

Wow, we look so epic! Just at our church's annual Reformation Dance looking at a 300-or-so year old Bible! Very cool.

Dance pictures always look the same, so I'll just post one.

It's October 31st and time for trick or treating on the property! Who's that crazy man with the long hair handing out candy? Is he safe with the children?

Will as Darth Vader, and Philip as a robed napkin ninja.

To Grandma's house we go.

"This better not be health food., Grams."

Can you guess? Yeah, I'll bet at first glance you thought that was the real Yanni. Nope, that's just me. Honest. As for Melissa, she's Katharina Von Bora, wife of Martin Luther, and Star of the Reformation. Yeah, that's why there's a freaking star attached to her head.

This little princess asked to take a picture with her idol.

Even Lori Dearest came with us! So good seeing you again!

So you think we're weird? That's cause we are! Thanks for stopping by! Till next time!