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Matt Maher


Crazy Camping
October 24, 2017

Welcome, friends! This blog entry basically highlights our camping trip with the Thomases, so enjoy! Happy Fall! Happy freezing weather!

Thanks for stopping by. Come again!

Video Blog - September, 2017

And here we go ...

Wow, we've got 4 of these now. God made kids cute so you don't feel like killing them when they're naughty. :-D

Niednagel picture time! Can't show you the real thing just yet, but we had the help of Jackie Voeller this year and it came out amazing!

Getting ready to camp! My method with tie-down straps is not to have a method.

Hey, Thomas kiddos! (and little goober)

The kids surround Micaiah's sweet wheels.

Micaiah tests them out. "Yep, these pants are definitely way too tight."

Now going to take a Thomas family picture! For some reason this photo looks pretty epic. Pa looks like a hit-man ready to take someone out.

We're at Johnson Shut-Ins near St. Louis, the same place we went camping two years ago. Beautiful area with these amazing rock structures. A bit precarious for taking a picture, though.

Feelin' the love.

Melissa directs Thomas traffic.

Let's do a selfie!

We do this every year, even though it never makes the Christmas picture.

Taralyn is about to burst! Is that inappropriate? I thought so!

So we decided we needed to try another spot just in case. Whatever.

Here we go with the selfies again.

It's like Where's Waldo ... find the girl grandchild.

I think this is the first year they're all officially adults.

And this is the first year Pa is officially cool.

Time for the traditional "Hold Marscel" photo!

Michael always knows how to make things uncomfortable.

Awkward family photo.

For some, it would be a hard landing.

Glamour girls!

One more ...

These boys are gonna be able to out-wrestle me pretty soon.

William's got quite the V-neck going.

Early morning fireside chat. I think the boys brought these sawdust patties the construction site.

Lizzy and Jony.

Aww ...

Something very dramatic about this ...

Back to the Shut-Ins on a beautiful day!

Emma and Marscel. They're a thing now, just in case you didn't know! Yay!

You feel like Frodo and Sam outside Mordor. "We're going in circles."

The manly men prepare to jump.


"That was so awesome!" - "I know!" - "We are so cool!" - "I know!"

Philly and I take the plunge ...

We know how to handle kids ... throw a mat on the hard cement and tell them to stay.

No, we don't curl her hair, just in case everyone's wondering.

Mr. and Mrs. Carlsen, two of the nicest people you will ever meet.

So my wife got all the kiddos these sweaters.

He was supposed to be sleeping, but he sat up, took this dog, and laughed and smiled. How can you say no?

Few people know this, but Melissa actually was a good friend of Tony Hawk.

Back to the Shut-Ins! Me found beautiful woman!

Come swim with me beneath the sea.

Auntie Melanie always makes our trips more relaxing by watching the kids. Thank you!

Faithful Pa with the grandkids. Jonas' smile is so cute here. He's only 15 months and very aware of the camera.

Mama with her youngest. Time goes so quickly. Cherish every moment together.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a nice time camping with us! If not then you're mean! Bye for now! :-)