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April Auspices
May 31, 2018

Marscel's hitched! That's all that matters! No more introduction necessarily! Enjoy the pictures!

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Video Blog - April, 2018

And here we go ...

Here we are at a nice restaurant in St. Louis ready to meet extended family for some celebration! I encouraged my wife next time to wear a bigger hat.

This place was awesome. Huge, grass-fed burgers. After taking a bite you literally had to pull weeds out of your teeth.

Taralyn and I do a little catch-up. We're both such interesting people it's hard to stop talking.

The cousins! Rita, Lauren, and David.

Night falls, and Pa continues to stuff his face.

Stopping for a picture. Michael looks like a financially struggling paleontologist.

Jonas be like, "Forget this. I'm breaking in for quarters."

I give a little man-to-man advice to Marscel before the big day. "Just do the dishes. Afterwards she'll tell you to relax."

Lauren paints Marian's nails.

Life's Great at Super 8!

The church steeple, and inside are all the people.

David Comstock, the boys' pastor, prays over Marscel.

The wedding party at rehearsals (minus myself). Not to be mean, but this is probably my least favorite thing to do on planet earth.

They had 7 flower girls. Now that's cute.

That's one handsome couple. I told Emma she could pass for Taylor Swift.

The journey is about to begin.

Yep, that's Kyle Shields, aka Nathan Daher, out for the wedding! We pretty much picked up where we left off ... with him always being wrong.

Lauren and Matthew. This possibly could be the happiest photograph ever taken.

Two ESFPs in a pod.

Grief, more ESFPs. Let's get out of here.

Too bad they're related. They would make a cute couple.

Back at the hotel. Jonas covers his face when he's embarrassed.

It's the wedding day! Gosh I love this little man.

So it's mid April and it was FREEZING. The high was like 45 degrees with wind. I'm sure Emma and Marscel hated having to be wrapped up in a blanket together.

This kid is honestly all grown up. As a 3-year old he was described as a "serious, fun little man," and he still fits that exact description.

Philly and Willy.

The Thomas side. Take the stinking picture, it's freezing!!!

Looking at each other with awkward laughs.

Do we really love each other or are we just really cold? Both!

Best picture of the cousins we could get. I think Marian was warmest with all that hair.

This year marks our 10th Anniversary. Oh my goodness, darling, I love you so much. Best decade of my life.

Then of course we have the traditional Thomas hold-Marscel-sideways picture. Never gets old.

Happy sisters. One gets married next month!

One more glance.

Aww ... (what else am I supposed to say?)

Yow! Who's that stunning couple? Why, that's Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Shields. You might recognize Hannah Shields from that one box office hit that came out last. Can't remember the name.

So they did it! Marian and Philip sang, "A Million Dreams" from "The Showman" in front of the crowd, Gotta give them some serious credit. Marian, of course, was spot on in her tune, while Philip ... Philip did his best!

The Best Man, Matthew, gives his speech.

The Maid of Honor, Abby, gives her speech.

Had Nathan and Hannah over briefly after the wedding. This picture of her reading to the kids was just too cute to pass up.

So my wife takes a picture of me gardening. Why aren't you helping!?

I just LOVE it when people post pictures of themselves with some totally inspiring quote! So when I saw this picture my wife took of me gardening the other day, I thought to myself ... this SO deserves a quote! Be inspired, people! "Life can get your hands dirty. Let it. Love it. If you reach for the stars you probably won't even notice the cow poop in your finger nails." - Jordan Philip Niednagel

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