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Christmas Classics
January 12, 2019

Hope you had a very merry Christmas, everyone! Time is limited so off to the races.

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Video Blog - December, 2019

And here we go ...

Yep, it's time for the kids to sing again! I reminded William not to show too much exuberance this year. As you can see, he obeyed completely ... perhaps a little too much.

The "middle-agers" give a beautiful performance.

We had K-Man join us! Soda and ice-cream for all!

There's a guy in Ava who puts up quite the Christmas display in his yard every year. Not the most organized Christmas display, but a display nonetheless.

Me and my mini-me would like to wish everyone a happy holidays.

We had Brad Voeller and his family join us again! Beginning to love this tradition!

She says she does it for fun but her face shows nothing but complete terror.

Merry Christmas from the Niednagels!

Grief this is cute.

The youngest boogers ... Jonas and Kiri.

Melissa puts on a little reading before we rip open the presents.

The Brad Voeller family (and grandmother).

The Jeremy Niednagel family. I love cheesy family pictures.

All the grand kids minus Jonas and Kiri. God please bless each and every one.

Some sweet gifts from Uncle Jeremy.

Awww, a Christmas pie. How ... um ... festive.

Pa and Ma came for a visit afterwards! I didn't even greet Pa when he arrived. I just said, "Sit down," and we got right to a chess game.

Also had Emma and Marscel, along with Karessa! So glad you guys enjoy beading, cause I find it incredibly boring.

So adorbs.

Fellowship around the dinner table. This is what life is all about.

Gamma and Kiri.

Jeremy delivers one of his zanny games. I think I see Philip cheating off of William's paper.

This game was fun. I can't remember which one it was, but it was fun.

Goodbye, Ma and Pa! Thanks for coming! Thanks for leaving!

Merry Christmas, Jone Jone.

Melissa had the ladies over for some Christmas dinner and a movie.

Cozy togetherness.

Children grow up so fast, and Jonas will only be little for a moment. Makes me cry, but I'm thankful I'm still here to watch them grow up. Thank you, Lord.

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