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February Frenzy
March 27, 2018

Spring has sprung! We're so excited we went our plants! Is that joke getting old? Anyway, thanks for stopping by for another exciting episode of "The Blog." Parental guidance suggested.

Video Blog - February, 2018

And here we go ...

The nutty Niednagel clan watches eagerly as the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl! We did some BT work for them this year so had reason to root them on. What a game!

And now we jump ahead to our first trip to the new Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium in Springfield! This place is simply awesome. So thankful millionaire Johnny Miller has nothing better to do with his money than use it to entertain us country hicks.

The kids would like to live here.

Now these are fun. You can crawl under the tanks and see the fish from inside-out.

These pictures were shot with our S5 phone. Hence the cruddy quality.

I couldn't contain my wonder of nature.

It's the following week and we're at Rockbridge Trout Farm! This place is always such a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of our ... boring lives ... in the woods.

Grandma and grandson INFPs.

Philip lost his first tooth! Congratulations! These kids are making the Tooth Fairy go broke.

Cool! Where are we? Why, the St. Louis Zoo!

Before man ever dreamt of it, God invented the tuxedo.

The Merry-Go-Round! After 2 rounds I'm no longer merry.

"This is giving me a diaper rash."



Hey look! A picture of Jonas on the Merry-Go-Round inside a picture of Jonas on the Merry-Go-Round!

This is how I feel when we're out of salad dressing.

These underwater tubes are awesome. You can see a seal near the top right there.

Blink and they'll all be adults.

You forget how magnificent these animals are.

Wow! A whole temple dedicated to the frog! lol, this was the Reptile House. Come to think of it, frogs aren't reptiles. Man the St. Louis Zoo really hired some idiots.

"Come in and play awhile, little boy." But William would not be deceived.

Cuteness meter overload.

I'd say their respective monkeys are pretty accurate.

A far away, dark shot. Thanks, Melanie.

He used to be human until he ate one too many fish sticks.

Man, polar bears are so massive. Beautiful animals.

That's me with penguins behind me. I'm smiling. The penguins are standing. End of caption.

There is a glow in Marian's face here. I couldn't pass up this picture.

End of the day fireside chat. Marscel is getting hitched in a week!

Wow! There's the girl he's hitching! We love you, Emma! :-)

We're at a wedding shower near St. Louis. What a great picture.

You thought Marscel looked excited in the last picture ... check out his reaction to this gargantuan lamby.

Thomas and Haguewood mothers.

With women pictures I'm always like, "What do I write?" Beautiful, cute, yada yada.

Now that's cute. Little Phoenix could possibly be another Thomas Feeler grandchild.

Speaking of Feelers, this picture reminds me of my 1980s toddler photos. Clothes kinda messed up, pants sagging, weird turquoise colors.

Meanwhile, Micaiah takes out his aggression against Pa.

Jonas loves his goober cousin.

And thus ends another exciting episode of "The Blog!" Thanks for stopping by!