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Um ... January
February 21, 2018

Wow! What a boring January! Why are you even here? This blog entry is so boring you might fall off your chair from sheer boredom! There are a few pictures of me, though, so that might make it all worth while.

So anyway, happy 2018! Here's to a year filled with God's goodness, not free from trials, but free from doubt and worries as we entrust all things to our loving Heavenly Father.

Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - January, 2018

And here we go ...

Oh my goodness, have you ever had a waffle out in the snow while wearing a facemask!? It tastes SOOOOO good!!! Definitely add to your bucket list.

Jonas is gifted at looking sideways at people without them noticing. Here you see him glancing over at me wondering, "Who the heck is holding me?" We love Jonas. He's our favorite goober buns bear.

This is Philip. He's skilled at hurting himself. He also has the immune system of a trash-eating possum. He'll be sick for 10 minutes and then be running around screaming, "I'm fine!"

This is Marian. She's gifted at being emotional. Her hair literally folds into dreadlocks. She likes fairies and princesses, and spends her time running away from Philip's drone.

This is William. He's a gifted actor, best known for his role in, "School Is Hard and I'm Too Tired." He enjoys Mac and Cheese, collecting rocks, and putting all his money into savings so dad technically can't take it away.

This is Melissa. She enjoys posing for snow pictures even though she's only been outside for three minutes. She's the best wife ever, and if you think yours is better you're welcome to come down and have her husband put you in your place.

This is her husband, Jordan. As you can see, fashion is his seventh sense. He enjoys walking around pretending like he's busy, and refuses to admit his sons consistently beat him at the game Connect Four.

That day we got 6 inches of snow! It was awesome. William was literally out the entire day, even eating his breakfast outside. Come to think of it, I'm not sure where he went the bathroom that day.

From inside. So cozy and beautiful.

It's Danielle's 38th birthday! I mean 25th birthday!

This is Kiri. She enjoys making bubbles and staring until you feel uncomfortable.

"Happy Birthday To You!"

Next day and Jonas is like, "This cake is so mine."

We have visitors! Melanie and Ben Wong stopped by on their way back from a funeral in Arkansas. The one thing I really like about Ben is he always admits he's Wong.

Slightly cute.

People say this is cute too, but I find it incredibly creepy.

Wedding shower for Emily Andersland! Looking forward to the big day!

My wife snapped this picture. It's a rare red bat. I guess they're known for coming out in the middle of winter when it gets warm. Quite beautiful.

We got some visitors! Cute ones too!

Hi, McDermott family! Great having you guys for a few days!

Lazy butts.

I was shocked the bird never ... well, you know. On his head. Better potty trained than Jonas.

That's it! Have a great month! Hopefully the next entry will be on time!