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Weddings, Yanni, Ark Encounter, and South Carolina
August 22, 2018

We gotta longer blog here! There was lots to cover, and even these pictures don't do justice. Oh well. Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - June, 2018

And here we go ...

Let's start with a wedding! A wedding between Melanie and Ben Wong! I wonder if my grandchildren will look at pictures of weddings someday and ask me, "Was the world overly bright and less contrasted back then?" I'll reply, "Yes, son. Yes it was."

Total copy of our wedding. We came up with it first.

Told you!

Like 7 fairies frolicking in a forest.

Nose kisses.

They're no longer kids. Yes, the Thomas siblings have finally grown up (at least physically).

Melanie and Ben hold hands together, and they drop sweat together. It was like upper 90s that day. I don't think they minded.

Another look.

Evening falls, and the magic begins.

Everyone was encouraged to wear white, and It was quite the beautiful scene! Built this nice dance floor in the middle of Ma and Pa's yard.

We send off the bride and groom! Happy marriaging! We all think you'll make it!

That's just us ... hanging with world-renowned musician Yanni. No big deal.

lol, well, a 25-year old dream of mine came true when we went up to St. Louis and attended a Yanni concert! Afterwards was a "Meet and Greet," paid for by a dear, generous friend of ours. And so, we got to meet and chat with Yanni for about 10 minutes, and it was just plain awesome. Here he makes a friendship pinky promise with Marian.

He talked to William for a few minutes, encouraging him to keep playing the piano and explaining how good it is for the mind. I've told him that before, you know, but coming from Yanni, you know ...

And after St. Louis it was time to head to Kentucky to visit the Ark Encounter! You look at it and you're just like, "Wow." What a wonderful chance to show the kids something that isn't a fairy tale, but as true as the Bible is the Word of God. Thankful for Answers In Genesis who continue to stand in the midst of scoff and ridicule.

I love this goober.

This picture gives you an idea of the ark's gargantuan size.

Can we just be kids together forever? Ok, sounds good to me.

Animatronic Bible characters. Inspiring by day, creepy by night.

Answering questions with plausible answers. Scoffers usually don't care to even study the issue. True, some things you must take by faith (i.e. God bringing the animals TO the ark by themselves), yet other things you can take a honest, objective look at (how the animals could have fit, etc.).

Come through the door of the ark and be saved. Now, Jesus Christ is our door.

Wish I could dress like that guy. Pretty studly.

This picture is really eye-opening. Gives you just a small glimpse of the flood's magnitude.

You know that feeling when you've been indoors for a couple hours with 4 kids ... pushing strollers and reminding them to behave ... I have that feeling right now.

Time to head to the petting zoo!

Expensive daddy/daughter camel ride! Oh yeah!

Aww ... we're family.

Dang, our oldest is getting to be a man way too fast.

After a 13 hour drive we're in South Carolina to attend Lauren Balutis' wedding! Not looking too shabby, are we? Oh c'mon, I don't look shabby!

They asked me to be a bouncer at the wedding. I was happy to oblige.

Aww ... we're family again.

Little lord fauntleroy wants his beverages.

There's Michael and Uncle Ron! Yeah, Michael looks like that on purpose.

Matthew and Ma.

Matthew and Joni. That's pretty cute.

The whole crazy crew.

Here comes the lovely bride! Lauren looked exquisite.

Pa officiated the wedding. It was such a beautiful, relaxed outdoor event.

Sorry, time for some slop pictures.

Emma and Marscel. Not bad.

Melanie and Ben. Not bad.

Brother and sister. Uncle Ron is such a cool guy.

They're all like 6 feet when they wear those stinking heels.

One more. I just felt obligated to post this.

Matthew doesn't have a girl to pose with, so he's posing with grapes.

I'll pose with you, Matthew.

The 1st dance, or whatever you call it.

Father/daughter dance. These are always tear-jerkers.

Look at those curls.

Check it out ... two pairs of brothers and sisters dancing together!

Vacation time! Now this is what I was looking forward to! We spent 4 days at a nice Marriott Hotel in Myrtle Beach. Of course, I wasn't necessarily looking forward to spending time watching my kids jump around in a bounce house, but oh well.

Jonas was in heaven. It was so cute.

Let's chill with my girl on a big, blue hammock.

Yes, Jonas, like me, you were made for the ocean.

Out early for some beach fun.

I suck at building sand castles.

It's an American ... fort ... thing.

Ahhh ... this is the life! The Marriott had two nice pools side by side for us to enjoy, all next to the ocean!

Marscel and Emma joined us everyday for some needed R&R.


Kids enjoy the pool.

So I'm enjoying the hammock when ... something splats on my arm. BIRD POOP!!!!

They had a balloon making guy. I have to say that's pretty talented.

It's just July 4th, 2018. Does anyone remember when we were married? Yes, this same day 10 years ago! To celebrate, we went to a nice restaurant on the beach and got to sit on the roof area to see the fireworks.

Tempted to spit.

Gosh, I love you. Thank you for loving me back so selflessly. I don't deserve you.

Night falls. The view only became more incredible.

I think there was one porta-potty.

The view as we left to beat the traffic. Probably the most amazing fireworks show I've ever experienced!

That's it! Thanks for stopping by! Ta ta!