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March Matrimony
April 30, 2018

Oh that wonderful month of March! My favorite. Yeah, my birthday's in March, so I'm biased. But still, it's the month when Spring officially arrives, so it's hard to beat that. So glad winter is over. I hate winter. I know "hate" is a strong word, but I really hate winter. There I said it.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - March, 2018

And here we go ...

Those 2 candles represent 36 years. Wow! Why do I still feel like I'm 12 years old? I've always been conscious of my mortality since I was 12, realizing life goes horribly fast. No matter how we try to stop it, or hold onto it, or appreciate it, we just can't the way we want to. We're not made for this world, but the next one, and only then will we be fully satisfied, and fully at rest.

Speaking of life going fast, whose kids are these? I always tell people we have three kids and one elf.

His hair's crazy, but we so love it. I took a Nazarite vow for him and we aren't cutting it till he's eighteen.

Oh by the way, we're at the wedding of Dallas and Emily Zink! I was blessed to be a groomsman.

Epic staring off into the middle distance.

That golden time when you're just thinking about the kiss and you don't hear a single word.

All the happy peoples disperse.

Jonas and Daniel! Gosh Jony looks like my old pictures when I was little.

I like to post mushy pictures from farther away.

A couple bridesmaids pictures here to please the ladies.

Markie and Anna.

Teaching Jone how to smoke a pretzel.

The Zink family.

Mother and son.

Don't you just love weddings? Actually, I don't, but it's good for me to dress up once in awhile.

One of those candid shots where you put some cheesy quote like, "With you, forever is far too short."

Mr. Spillman kindly asks that I sit on the opposite end of the table.

That ridiculous tradition when the tallest girl is the next to be married.

Getting ready to throw stuff on the happy couple!

Let's stuff balloons in their car so we can delay their alone time together!

Sorry, I have no idea where this was, or what event it even was, but there you go.

Aww! We have Pa and Ma over for the weekend and they're craving some ... I can't remember what it was. Like mango pie? Whatever it was, it was incredible. Pa always demands the best when he stays at our house.

Oop! Matthew too! Bet you didn't know we had Ross Poldark for a relative.

Jeremy and Danielle their goobers join us.

Look at that face. Everything about her is so adorably symmetrical.

And then there's everything asymmetrical.

I think the cuteness meter is about shattered now.

We had Karessa also joining us! Not everyday you get two ENFJs in the same photograph.


Next month's blog will better explain this. Let's just say they were preparing for a certain Emma and Marscel's wedding with a certain Million Dreams song.

So glad you could stop by! Happy Spring!