Sounds of France


July 11, 2018

Friends and a wedding shower! What could be better! What did we have, like one week of Spring? Went from cold to hot in a couple weeks! Ug.

Anyway, happy summer and thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - May, 2018

And here we go ..

We've got the Michael Thomas family over! Time to teach these little pamper wearing-pansies how to
play some real soccer.

Spending time at the crick.

Love my little lady.

Michael once again over-dramatizes some boring story.

At the park in Springfield! "Oh, what a cute little girl" people sometimes say. I think I'm just gonna stop correcting them.

All the kiddos. Someone please add another girl next time.

If you don't like this picture of Brad Steele, his reply is ... "So what?"

Ooh! What's this nice place? Yep, it's May so another trip to Branson for Jeremy's birthday (and William's technically). Fun time!

And this rental actually had arcade games! Whoa! But good grief, you still had to pay a quarter! What a rip-off! Felt like leaving a note for the owner saying, "Thanks for robbing my children."

I don't think I can call her "the pink and yellow thing" anymore. Feels weird to say that about a lovely grown woman.

But I can still call these little boogers anything I want! Get outta the street, runts!

Watermelon on a summer day. Can't beat it.

Meanwhile, the hacks strike again! Man this never gets old. Good times with good friends.

The two youngest and almost opposite Brain Types (INFP & ENTJ).

Pool time!

Jonas is so independent. He wants to swim by himself but doesn't understand he can't float.

Jade on a floatable plane with a squirt gun is never a good thing.

Had John Walker and his wife over to join us for the evening!

Jeremy opens birthday gifts. Not sure why he's putting a bag on his head.

My wife with her lovely home-grown roses. She may not consider this her best smile but I think she looks so stinking cute. :-)

Talking with Ben and Melanie during a beautiful sunset. We're in St. Louis for Melanie's wedding shower. Yeah, we drove 4 hours just for a shower. Sheesh. So thankful there's only 1 unmarried Thomas left.

The kids help prepare the yard. I didn't even have to ask them! Oh wait, yes I did!

"Whoa, check out Jordan's new flip flops." I'm sure they were saying something like that.

The happy couple.

The shower begins, so here are just a few random pictures.

Random picture.

Random picture.

Random picture. Oh wait, that's Ma and Melanie. Sorry.

Soon both daughters will be married. Mother mission accomplished.

Karessa and Emma as evening dawns.

Next day and we're out for some ice cream. Dang. Surprised that ice cream's still frozen.

This deserves a 'dang' too, doesn't it? At least she does.

At Forest Park celebrating Melanie 30th birthday! I mean 21st! I mean whatever!

The more you look at this picture the more magical it becomes.

One thing's certain. Sarah is dressing her truth.

And we'll send with a tubbo picture of Phoenix!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!