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A November To Remember
February 12, 2019

We took a trip to California! We celebrated Thanksgiving with loving friends and family! Yes, it was a November to remember.

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Video Blog - November, 2018

And here we go ...

Hey Cally friends! We arrived in San Diego in the afternoon and were picked up by Nathan and Hannah Daher, also known as Nathan and Hannah Shields. They took us out for some awesome pizza!

And this is us. Ok, which couple is cuter? Yep! You answered correctly!

Dapper days at Disney! So once a year Disney Land holds a day where visitors are encouraged to dress up sorta 40s and 50s style. For some reason Nathan dropped the bow-tie and went with the "caj" look.

Kind of a redundant picture, huh? Shut up. It's my blog.

Nathan and I haven't done one of these in years! Just like the good ol' days when we were single losers!

Waiting in line for "Alice In Wonderland." This ride is so dope!

I know it doesn't look like I'm genuinely excited, but I am.

That's us again!

Evening falls in California. T'was a grand day at Disney!

The next day we went to Downtown Disney, which is basically an outdoor overpriced shopping experience.

All righty, Melissa and I then spent a couple days in Temeculah at a lovely hotel by the sea. That guy there was totally hogging my jacuzzi, so I politely asked him to leave. He didn't.

Out for a walk along the coast. I borrowed Nathan's bathing suit. Is that creepy?

Warning: Here come photos of us.

I love my the ocean, and I love my wife. It doesn't get any better than this.

Look at all these beautiful stones! If only I could ship them all back to Missouri!!! Wahh!!!!

Natural pose. Anyone may feel free to use this for advertising.

Although. you may sell more product using this one.

Could use this to sell deodorant or something

A dolphin! Take me with you!

Evening falls.

Can't do this in Missouri.

Was so blessed to stop by my sister Brynn's house and visit with the nieces and nephews. We love you guys!

Back at Nate's place and we're ordering pizza online. I had never done this before. Thornfield is just a little outside Pizza Hut's delivery range.

Out to dinner another night at some Colonial style restaurant. I thinK George Washington regularly ordered fish and chips here.

The house where I grew up! I lived here for the first 17 years of my life, and as you can imagine, it's always surreal going back to your childhood stomping grounds. My dad planted that tree as just a little sapling, and now it's one of the biggest trees in Laguna Niguel.

Another visit to the beach with my love.

Kinda cute ... a little bit.

Hello, Laguna Beach sea. I was born just across the street. Do you remember me?

Now we're off in a rented convertible and on our way to Temecula, baby!

Visiting Temecula is like visiting somewhere in Italy. Quaint little town surrounded by beautiful vineyards. Nathan wasn't looking very Tuscan that day, though.

Taste-testing olive oil. You wouldn't believe how many flavors they had. I think a saw Nathan stuff a couple bottles under his shirt.

Truly, Nathan and I are lucky guys.

That evening we went to a GORGEOUS vineyard and restaurant for dinner. No, I wasn't properly dressed in case you're wondering.

Wow, what an amazing outdoor restaurant next to miles of beautiful vineyards. The company was pretty good too, even with Nathan there. (have you noticed by now that I enjoy making jokes at Nathan's expense?)

The food was a celebration of the taste buds.

All right, we jump ahead to our visit to Pa and Ma's home in St. Louis for Thanksgiving! "Push us around for hours, Pa!"

Jeff Flynn and Matthew. Yep, the Flynns drove all the way from merry Massachusetts. Or, musky Massachusetts. Or moldy Massachusetts.

Dang you're cute.

Hi, Hannakeh!

Such beautiful people with such beautiful smiles! I can't take all this beautifulness!!!

To life, love, and only some looking at Jordan's camera!

Aunt Melanie and nephew Henry. I remember feeling so proud when wearing those dumb paper hats as a kid.

Melissa and a Wampanoag princess.

Jack's got the Huck Finn look going on.

Annual archery tournament! I think Jeff accidentally shot a cat sleeping behind the target.

Just being goofy with my mini-me.

Uncle Ben gives some amazing roller-coaster rides.

"What are you looking at, foo?"

We're in old town St. Charles! Remember when we there like 2 years ago and Marian was yelling from the horse carriage, "Merry Christmas, everyone!"?

For some reason that little yellow-haired elf followed me everywhere.

It's a big world out there, Jone Jone.

Christmas carolers. That girl looks too perfectly fabricated.

The Flynns, Thomases, and Niednagelseses.

It's technically illegal, but it's so fun!

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