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October Among Us!
Posted January 4, 2019

How about a camping trip with the Thomases? Things are never dull when we all get together out in the wild! Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

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Video Blog - October, 2018

And here we go ...

Oh boy! Camping with all the Thomases! My absolute favorite thing to do in the entire world!

Oh wait, I meant ... my least favorite thing to do in the entire world.

Nah, we had a great time. Here we are enjoying a nice rock ledge together.

So Ben and Michael jump into the creepy lake full of dead bodies.

Wait, nobody ever goes into an ocean, lake, pond, creek, or any other water source without me.

Quick! Take pictures!!!

I hate people who look like models even when they're not trying.

And all the girls go wild.

So we all went to a beautiful lookout overlooking ... I can't remember what lake this is. It was in Missouri so that should narrow it down for you.

Oh my word, this looks like Emma holding me as a 2-year old. We still have yet to cut Jonas' hair. He's our little Samson.


Despite all appearances that child actually has some Portuguese in him.

You know that awesome feeling as a kid when you get to sleep in the loft!

Let's show people how much we're enjoying camping!

Matthew: "Gosh I just love the outdoors!"

The campsite. A few of us had those cute little cabins instead. I loved it!

Night falls.

The next day it was raining, so Catan was on the agenda. My wife won (with a little help from her hubby)

Hi Pa and Melanie! Good to see you!

Everyone looks pretty hipster. Except me.

So Matthew sees a cliff and of course has to do this.

A leisurely hike together.

Pa searches for more bodies.

Yeah, he could probably model, but we won't let it go to his head.

There's us! That's the Niednagel family!

These are called ENFP hiking clothes.

Nice snail, Henry!

Who would have thought you could make bacon from snails? They were delicious!

Smart Michael. Nap behind someone's van. (btw, I was kidding about the snails)

Jonas fell asleep in Ben's arms. Micaiah had his nifty Polaroid to capture the moment.

Slightly, slightly cute.

Aww! Hi Phoenix!

Don't you just love Polaroids?

We're back home for a family picture. Didn't use it for our Christmas photo so I didn't want it to go waste.

Happy Halloween! You can just guess what each kid is.

Generous Uncle Jeremy. The kids really make out with some major loot at his house.

Kalea had these cool white lights going on.

Ok, you don't need to say anything. I was supposed to be Michael Jackson from Thriller but I really look like Howard Stern in overly tight pants.

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