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Fabulous Florida Fun
February 11, 2019

What better time to leave cold, depressing Missouri for tropical fabulous fun than in February! It was somewhat of a spur of the moment trip my brother kindly invited us on, but we took advantage!

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Video Blog - Florida Fun, 2019

And here we go ...

Wow, that's a swank kitchen! We rented out this beautiful home next to the water in Destin. I had never been to Destin before. Yeah, I could live there. Yep.

Sure, I'll take this pool complete with a roman pillar and waterfall.

Sure, I can sleep here.

It was cloudy the day we got there, but it was so warm. Huge contrast from Missouri!

Oh ocean I have missed you! And no killer sting rays or poisonous jellyfish or anything trying to kill you like in gulf shores!

Come, love, let us take a cobblestone bike ride through the neighborhood.

With us on the trip was Jackie and her children. Thank you for all the wonderful meals!

I was disappointed at the size of the dinner table. And I felt the chandelier was far too small.

All right, off to the park! The next few days were actually pretty cold, reaching only the high 60s. I protested by wearing my bathing suit with a sweater.

We don't care! Beats Missouri!

The ladies doing artsy crafts. So boring. I would rather read an encyclopedia backwards than paint with water colors. Am I being too blunt?

If you need me I'll be in the library.

Awww ... so special to me! I love you.

I didn't mention we had Marscel and Emma join us! Hey guys! We spent many late nights together talking in the jacuzzi. I think we solved all of life's problems.

Such beautiful colors. Such a beautiful little lady.

Very different, and yet so very similar. Marian takes after her mother and then adds a twist.

Got together all the Niednagel nuggets! Never easy!

Keoni would like to showcase his expensive shades. Sorry, you still look like a goober.

My cousins did this to me when I was a kid, so I thought I'd do it to Philip! Pretty cool, huh? Complete with a VW logo on the front!

That was tiring. I deserve a vacation from my vacation.

So Marscel said he could catch a seagull. I told him, "No way," and offered him $10. So a few minutes later he baits this seagull with some food and freaking grabs it by the legs! I couldn't believe it! You da man, Marscel! I think I have the video included above.

Her new fashion line ... Kiri Klothes.

Hi, ladies!

I'm almost as cool as her.

Oh my gosh! A baby's on the way! We were wondering what that bump was!

Danielle and Jackie.

Good times together. Poor Jony came down with a serious respiratory illness (as did many other kids afterwards), and spent most of the trip lying in bed. It lasted for weeks, and praise God he finally pulled through. So thankful for family and health.

The last couple days were so nice. The temperatures rose, and the street outside our condo was PERFECT for biking. William, most of all, loved it. We rented these pretty blue bikes and that day biked some 12 miles in all. It was so awesome, and the day this picture was taken was my birthday! Happy 37th birthday, me! You're getting old!

Keoni decided to bring his entire childhood belongings with him.

Evening falls at Destin.

One more day! Time for some serious pool play! Marco Polo. Sharks and Minnows. Give Daddy All Your Money (my favorite).

Goodbye, fair Florida. Until next time.

We all packed into Jeremy's 15 passenger fan for the trip. Quite the unforgettable experience! I came away realizing just how long I'm capable of holding my pee!

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