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Yet Again, A New Year
February 11, 2019

January's can be pretty boring, but hey, what do you have better to do than visit The Blog? I know, right? At least there's some cool snow to look at! Happy New Year, everyone!

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Video Blog - January, 2019

And here we go ...

It's starting to snow, Jonas! One day you'll be able to pronounce your "S"s and actually say it!

I can't remember how much we had, but it was very pretty. A few inches, I think. Enough to make the world look like Narnia.

I didn't know Meliss was taking my picture when I was doing this. I just wanted to see if my biceps were big enough to show through my coat.

A birthday party for Danielle! With kids it never actually feels like your birthday. It just gives them a reason to celebrate.

The Jeremy Niednagel Family. I know, that's so sexist. Since when did men get the right to keep their last name? I don't know. Get over it.

Kalea holds snow. Or more like, Snow eats Kalea's hair.

Singing Happy Birthday for the 39th time! But I won't tell you her age!

William amidst the snowy beauty.

A beauty amidst the snow.

Look at that. In two years he'll be taller than her, I guarantee it.

Hi, Marian! Sorry about your two front teeth! They'll come back!

We're now at Melanie's baby shower! Hi, Taralyn!

A bunch of women together talking. I wasn't there. Glad I wasn't.

Now that is cute! But which is cuter?

Hannah, Melissa, Sara, Melanie, and Rebekah. Haven't see you gals in awhile. :-(

Marian looks pretty awkward. Actually my wife and Melanie also look awkward. This is just an overall awkward picture.

Ma and Pa will be moving from their beautiful home. We're so sad. :-( Many wonderful memories here, but we look forward to the memories made at their next home.

So my wife had a bunch of ladies over again this year for another "IF" Gathering. I like to affectionately call it the "As If" Gathering.

Kiri's like, "Dude, I didn't ask for this."

Listening to the speakers.

We're bleeding into February a little bit here ... for Melissa's birthday! Time for celebrations at Jer's house!

lol, so Jeremy made this game for Melissa ... and unknowingly put a baby picture of Melanie! lol! What a nhojhead!

The one candle represents 33 years, but I won't tell you how old Melissa is.

Hey, who are those special people! That's Jackie Voeller and a few of her kids! They're ready to join us for a fun Florida trip! But that's for our next blog entry!

This William Locksley signing off, wishing everyone adieu and good night.

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