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March Through July Activities
August 2, 2019

So I'm way behind with the blog. The kids (especially Marian) keep asking, "Have you done a new blog yet?" I realize this is a life journal, and that it MUST continue. And so it shall! This entry covers a few months, which I actually used to do back when I first started this blog in 2005. It may become more of a commonalty until William or some other child takes over for me!

Thanks for stopping by! Niednageland lives on!

Video Blog - March Through July

And here we go ...

We're visiting the in laws to celebrate a new Thomas baby (or Wong)! Here Ben describes the pain and agony he felt during Melanie's intense labor. He's incredible. We're proud of you, Ben.

Oh, and good job too, Melanie!

Jonas' first hair cut! He's like, "Ok, I guess."

How could this trip to St. Louis get anymore exciting? Here we are visiting the playground with Micaiah and Taralyn and crew! Phoenix doesn't understand the concept that slides are meant for going down.

Have a drink from this diseased-ridden water fountain!

Marian is a natural gymnast (yeah, ENFP).

I think ... I'm gonna ... puke.

Awww ... I love you.

A baby shower for Kaeleigh Tull. That's a lot of women!

And the boys hide out in the bedroom. "Will, sneak out and grab your father some rolls."

There was plenty to choose from.

One side of the table. I'd post a picture of the other side but I'm not that interested.

Kristian and Melissa. It's just so sweet.

For the record, Kaeleigh had a girl! Congratulations! Oh wait, the pink balloons. They already knew it was gonna be a girl. My bad.

I think the yellow street paint gives this picture a nice touch. It's one of those attempts at a memorable Easter family photo that instead turns out to be a forgettable waste of SD card space.

Take note of the cut-off feet and plentiful head space.

Easter egg hunt at church! I help Jonas cheat.

"I swear I could find more eggs if my parents would just give me a haircut."

Philip has a way with God's creatures.

All right, we jump ahead in time and find Melissa and Marian enjoying art at a museum in St. Louis.

And some other lovely ladies joining them.

One reason for the St. Louis trip was also to attend Emma Thomas' baby shower. Cha! Another baby! Whatever happened to just watching television?

"Ow my werd!!! I awoys wunted wunn!!!!"

A picture at the botanical gardens in front of ... cactus. Or Cacti.

You should have seen his first trick when he was able to put that outfit on.

It all started when, at just three years old, he discovered he could balance a pot on his head.

The St. Louis gardens are pretty amazing.

Cuteness meter destroyed.

Kalea is now the official family photographer. I was always just the "manual" and "click" type

I know, right? A photo through a brick circle!

If flowers lasted I would really like them. Because they don't, I hate them.

Man, this could be Jonas' Hollywood casting photo.

We're in Branson and out for a hike! Fun times!

This would be a sweet picture if wasn't for Jonas' nose-picking photo bomb.

This was just of Melissa and Marian until Jonas ran over and photo bombed it again.

We dun out on da boat! Wut's this button do? (lol, the longer I look at Keoni the harder I laugh)

Pulling the kids on a raft. Now this was fun.

Looks like Jules is holding on for dear life.

I like this. William and I look like brothers while Jonas is staring right at the camera.

"Uh, I think that's a boat right ahead of us."

I don't have too many "look like a celebrity" photos, but I'll take this as one.

Hi Trinity! Our niece came to visit again from California. She's so good with the kids.

Some dinner out on the porch. If we add one more child I swear it's gonna collapse.

Three sisters, Barbara, Kathy, and Beth.

We all love Aunty Beth.

Evening falls, and I'm glad I put up those party lights.

Boat time again with Trinity and the Aunties. The rule is, if the wiener is thicker than your arm, you get two of them.

Jade appears to be falling off.

Don't you know the boys love their bow ties! And Jonas loves his man bun!

Melissa was in charge of some dance activities. You're amazing, hon.

I just showed up and did my thing.

We're now at the wedding of Markie and Jacob Underwood. Congrats, you guys!

Melissa, again, was in charge of decorating.

Ok, now it's getting official.

Oh hi Marscel and Emma. Fancy seeing you here.

And they're hitched!

The maddening crowds are fed.

Time to see them off! This is my favorite part of a wedding cause it means we're going home soon.

Man, don't scratch the car!

And we jump ahead in time and we're celebrating the 4th of July with Michael Thomas and family and Lindsay Gallegos (formerly Voeller) and family.

Jer and Danni. They're like bread and butter. I have no idea why, they just are.


Can't wait to lawn mow all the plastic pieces tomorrow.

Ma and Pa came by briefly for a reason I can't remember. I just love this picture of Jonas with Pa.

We got like 3 apples from our tree this year. This one was a doozy! Next spring I'm declaring war on the squirrels. Blood will be spilt, and many shall die.

Happy 3rd birthday, Jonas! Grandma got him this electronic horse that walks and neighs and plays music. Pretty spoiled little kid. That's why we love him!

Thanks for stopping by! See ya next time!