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A Little Winter Hat Refashion

November 10, 2012

This corner of the blog has been quiet. Not that I haven’t been working on fun little projects, but they have become few and far in-between, especially chronicling them.

Today we were actually home. It was a beautiful fall day, and I finished off this little project that’s been waiting in my mind for awhile.

The Process

This is a dress I bought in a “stuff your bag for $10” sale. I had my eye on that brooch. To bad I had to stuff the whole dress in the bag :). Maybe I’ll use the rest of the dress someday so the precious space it used up won’t go to waste.

This is the hat I had in mind when I saw the brooch. I got this at a $1 sale at the DAV and its been in my closet for probably a year waiting for something special to happen to it.

With a little black ribbon glued around the brim of the hat and a little bow made out of the same ribbon, it was shaping up to something.

Voila. A new hat!

Yay for end of pregnancy inspirations!